10 Intense Plane Crashes on the Runway | Smithsonian Channel

From obstructed views to turbulent crash landings, these 10 terrifying crashes happened on the runway.

0:00 – #10 Air France Flight 4590
4:12 – #9 KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736
7:21 – #8 Manx2 Flight 7100
11:20 – #7 Continental Airlines Flight 1404
13:55 – #6 USAir Flight 1493 and SkyWest Flight 5569
15:48 – #5 Scandinavian Airlines Flight 686
19:24 – #4 British Airtours Flight 28M
21:53 – #3 Yak-Service Flight 9633
24:37 – #2 Garuda Indonesia Flight 200
28:29 – #1 Asiana Airlines Flight 214

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38 thoughts on “10 Intense Plane Crashes on the Runway | Smithsonian Channel

  1. 01:45 Utterly wrong. And a air controller saying that gives me chills. It is not common but there are situations where the crew can abort the take off after V1. If someone doesn't believe me go check Mentor Pilot channel where he explains situations where abort is an option. What else has the air controller done through his career that could have resulted in situations where people died???

  2. Idc what anybody says, I absolutely refuse to fly. I'll either drive or take a boat. People can spew that one in a million nonsense or say how much safer it is to fly, I know my luck and I'm not taking the chance. My luck is so bad that I'm the person who gets ALL of the super rare side affects listed on medications plus a few that weren't reported. It may be a one in a million chance of crashing but rest assured my flight will be the millionth.

  3. You fly often enough, you have a sense when u hit V1 & u should leave the ground. Leaving SFO, w/ all the businessmen reading, I felt like we were not accelerating enough as we sped towards the ocean. The next second we were all pitched forward & came to a sudden stop w/ ocean all around us. Our (female) captain said we had hit a flock of birds, that every tire was blown & we'd be towed back to the gate. Plane had lg. black birds in both engines, wind shield, covered wings. We only had feet till end of runway. Good captain.

  4. That Concorde incident was HELLA BAD
    Edit: If they managed to gain speed for somewhat reason before they were on the runway that could have took off from there and avoided that plane crashing over it (incident 2)

  5. my neighbor was a pilot and he was supposed to be on a flight that crashed into a river on takeoff because the wings iced up or something. he flew the plane into that airport but he got switched off that flight for its next departure. i forgot the exact details and i can't ask because he died a few years ago he was in his 90s.

    EDIT: pretty sure it was Air Florida Flight 90. 4 people survived that crash….i cant imagine the survivor guilt. all because the pilot failed to properly de-ice the plane.

  6. I couldn’t imagine being that concordes ATController. Just watching not just one, but every single Concorde start to die. Just right there.

  7. It's scary that pilots and passengers and crew members fight for the last moments on the aircraft and you pay LARGE amount of money/dollars to just die its such a boomer and sucks you don't like it when that happens

    What would i do if I was a passenger in a plane crash: i would try my best to survive and live my life and try to save as many passengers as possible (if i can) they need to live and see their family

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