2021 fashion trends and predictions ??⏳

this video was supposed to come out before 2021 began but… stuff happened. sorry and happy new year!! this video is a list of my fashion predictions for 2021, nothing is groundbreaking, but if you want to learn more about specific fashion trends and where they take inspiration from then this is the video for you!

intro 0:00
long white dresses 3:01
new old shoes 3:35
statement jewelry 5:07
peter pan collars 5:50
miniskirts 6:19
hosiery 7:30
looser fitting pants 9:10
artistic patterns 10:02
checkerboard 12:09
abstract shapes 13:50
paisley 14:12
flowers 15:07
unconventional animals 15:42
halters 16:50
fringe 17:09
large sunglasses 17:40
headscarves 18:15
sequins 18:35

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