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  1. I think their nothing but udder complete idiots, morins bleep holes.. Nimrods. Explains y I don't watch sports. 2000% confident Like coding!! They need to brush up as a refresher course on icd coding and nursing. I'm not your mama and don't clean up your messes up anymore!! Never did. April fools day. Smh nothing stronger than what an idiot. How's that pumpkin first

  2. You put it so elegantly I say temper tantrum or crying like a 2 or 3 little man child , boy child bitch boy. Talk to your mama with that mouth. I'll make sure its washed out with soap

  3. Its been almost 10 years since i was put in prison…. i had to serve 2 years in federal prison for a dumb mistake i made when i was 18 years old…. we had radios in there and the only channels you could pick up were the country music stations…. this song came on every single day… brought a tear to my eye every time….. how i missed home… missed my family… missed my girlfriend…. it was the worst experience in my life… but this song helped me through every day…. im proud to say ive never been back… i have a excellent job and a wonderful baby boy…. Thanks Blake Shelton for this wonderful song… it helped me realize what i left behind and what i will never leave behind again!

  4. My Dad and I laugh about this everytime we hear it. My step mother left him for this exact reason. But did we care? Nope. we still went and caught us dinner ?

  5. Maybe that is why no one will do anything to protect your name and fans online. Just curious. YouTube can track what we watch our comments and censor content that they don’t agree with. Which I realized awhile ago is a simple tweet and your name and your fans sanity and money could be protected from fraud by imposters. I guess they make too much money off imposters buying blocks of space bought by criminals foreign countries wishing to hurt all Americans. Think about it ELVIS. Love you anyway ❤️?????

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