Dame Dash Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

Hip-Hop mogul and entrepreneur Dame Dash pulled up to our Covent Garden (London) store to go Shopping for Sneakers! We find out how the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder feels about Kanye West, his future projects and much more! Watch the video to find out what he picked up! Hosted by Craig Mitch.

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48 thoughts on “Dame Dash Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

  1. Big up yourself Craig. The beginning was shaky, nothing to do with you Dame’s energy was a bit off. But by doing your research and actually being a lover of the culture he loosened up a bit towards the end. Well done again man

  2. This kid did a great job interviewing Dame. Dame also seemed to be less aggressive towards him which I appreciate. It's almost like he wanted to help an up and coming media kid. Love it

  3. At some points in this video Dame sounds like Michael Corleone in the scenes after he got punched in the face by the cops in the first godfather.

  4. Damon Dash is an incredible guy and my prayers is with him and Chris Perez, because Dame lost the love of his life Aaliyah and Chris lost the love ? of his life Selena!

  5. Dame Dash is the truth. Extremely bright on all levels. Visionary kinda unreal for he Jay and Biggs to have that much elite talent on one team. Regardless of the current state they are all historically great .

  6. Dame breakin’ his chops on purpose.. Or should I say “taken a piss” for the England chaps.. Tryin’ to sharpen him up.. This interview will level this kid..

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