FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 4 – Ruff & Ready

It’s giving ruffles! Raja is back with Raven to toot and boot the looks from the mainstage of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

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46 thoughts on “FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 4 – Ruff & Ready

  1. Love your outfit love the jewelry I am so excited to boot toot and shoot I love you 2 big fans love the makeup you look beautiful I shoot both your outfit

  2. they got ripped of the fashion queens and kept black peppa thinking she will bring it to the runway but she didnt and the lip-syncs darling isnt even that good she gave up

  3. Raven has got to be the best make up artist, but I like her better in wigs (particularly dark shades) rather than turbans. Raja is the fashion queen. Love her sense of style and her creative genius.

  4. Ooop! Raja won this week's challenge lol. Also not Raja and Raven being like "Where is the opulence? Where is the glamour?!". The doors that Gia Gunn has opened. lol

  5. No one can ever replace these two EYECONS. I mean no one. With that said I have to say that Cheddar Gorgeous and Danny are the final 2 for me. One of them I hope takes the crown ?

  6. THANK YOU, i'm so glad we completely agree on black peppa's facekini, it's a amazing look, but the facekini was just too much and pronbably would've done better without it. i got clown from the look, she should've did a clown like face with a clown nose made of the shiny material of the facekini, and it would've done it perfectly.

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