HOW I GOT SHREDDED (no, i'm NOT a Fitness Influencer)

this is exactly how i was able to get SHREDDED, get to 10% BODY FAT and currently MAINTAIN this physique. this is my FULL JOURNEY over the last year of my fitness transformation and how it has impacted my life. i’m definitely NOT a fitness influencer, but this has been something that has truly allowed me to grow in so many different ways, become more creative and conquer my anxiety. i appreciate all the support over the years! here’s to waking up tomorrow and embracing the growth and journey that is this beautiful life.

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❗️PLEASE NOTE: moderation and balance is KEY with all of this and PLEASE allow yourself to sleep well, have rest days and ENJOY life! remember to start SLOW and EASY and go at a pace that you can stick with for the long term, while focusing on CONSISTENCY. and PLEASE, if you need to, talk to your doctor about a change in diet or exercise. also, the ONLY supplements i take are pre-workout and creatine. love you all and thank you again for watching!

⚠️ if you’ve struggled with any kind of eating disorder or are currently struggling with an eating disorder, this video may not be for you and could be triggering. please consider watching a different video and i’m wishing you all the best. get help here:

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0:00 – my fitness journey [CINEMATIC]
2:39 – intro & disclaimer
4:28 – the ONLY WAY to LOSE WEIGHT
5:07 – how to track OUT calories
7:10 – how to track IN calories
9:01 – what is the best CALORIE DEFICIT RANGE per day?
10:56 – what about tracking MACROS?
12:01 – the EASIEST way to maintain a CALORIE DEFICIT
12:30 – what about WORKING OUT?!
15:17 – what i’ve LEARNED through all of this
17:17 – last, but NOT least

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30 thoughts on “HOW I GOT SHREDDED (no, i'm NOT a Fitness Influencer)

  1. I’ve been on a fitness journey since April, 2022, started at 321lbs, currently at 277! This has been solely from a caloric shift, and changing bad habits. Will soon be adding in some exercise

  2. I wonder. What does make that you decide to change your life a sudden day. And what is it what makes that you can see no to your bad adictive little fastfood devil.

  3. Till now I never taught to get apple watch while i m big fan of tech n apple. As I didn’t want to waste money on it but seems like just because to track calorie burning info, I’ll have to get one haha.

  4. Awesome ! I think the problem with most people trying to lose weight ( myself included ) is 2 pronged. We always fail to realize that our bodies change… age, injury, loss of hormones, lower metabolism etc. all affect our ability to lose weight. Additionally because of those factors when what worked in the past doesn't work or work to the degree it did in the past we start "roaming" from program ( nutrition, workouts, supplements ) to program and in my case begin to suffer from "paralysis by analysis". This video really puts it in a nutshell….burn more calories than you take in…consistently. Your approach reminds me of one of my favorite sayings. I coached baseball for a few years and whenever I was asked ( I would also drill this into my players heads ) "What's the secret to winning baseball games?" And I'd always answer, you can talk about hitting and pitching metrics that work and don't work, infield and outfield shifts, statistical analysis….but winning baseball ultimately boils down to 2 things….throw strikes, hit strikes. And you're pretty much distilling weight loss down in the same way. LOVED it ! Very motivational and simple to understand.

  5. I know you say you aren't an influencer. I was in the military many years ago and in great shape back then. Since then, my weight has been like a yoyo. Last year I got colon cancer, from Iraq, from eating, who knows but I got it. The cancer has been the biggest influencer in my life. I'm currently not working as hard as I used to. I realized I was working so hard and basically killing myself slowly. Now on to my weight and diet. I see videos like this and like you said they just start your motivation and a couple weeks later it goes away. I know this is a huge and long journey for me. People tend to set goals that are too big to start with and get discouraged. My goal is 1lb at a time. I hopefully will reach my goal many many times. My motivation will be the fact that I am able to go to a gym, I am able to get good food and think about how many people don't have my ability that I take for granted. I am going on a cruise in 2 days and I am starting today with my weight loss/get in shape journey. The cruise will show me how truly motivated I am. Thank you for this great video. Although I knew all the things you said and have all the tools you mentioned, I wasn't using them. You may not be a fitness influencer, but you are an influencer. Thanks again and amazing job on what you have achieved so far.

  6. The things we need come into our lives at the exact moment we need them. Sometimes they are gentle, sometimes they are not. This video came at precisely the right moment for me. Winding river indeed. I need to stop trying to divert it by force and just go with it. My body thanks you for this gentle reminder to give myself some grace and be patient. ❤

  7. I was following all of this advice when I started my weight loss journey 3 years ago and lost 100+ lbs. Every now and then I lose myself a bit and gain 10-15 lbs and I start to feel anxious (like I am now) because I start to have fear of going back to the old me. Truth is that I’m in a really stressful time of my life where I’m so close to finally graduating college and that’s been the priority these last few months. I felt like I needed to watch this video to get back on track. But one thing I took from this is what you said towards the end: “fitness or life in general isn’t a math equation, or linear. It’s a river that flows in different directions”. And the most important thing is to forgive yourself when you have a small fallout. Pick yourself back up and keep going. This was an amazing video.

  8. this is probably the most I've watched a video about out this kind of stuff I just started my journey last week and this helped out a lot! Thank You!

  9. Caloric deficit, eat the right foods and work out. Who would have thought? Love the high production value of this video. Visually stunning.

  10. Impressive…. but the drama is a bit too much lol. You started exercising and eating right that's awesome. The two minutes of slow motion walking is rather silly.

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