How to: Glitter Cut- Crease | Client Makeup Tutorial

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Products used:
Nicka K. Brow pencil
Nicka K. Concealer
L.a. girl pro concealer
Bperfect eyeshadow primer
Juvias place Saharan II palette
Elf camo concealer
Lick & Lash Spice palette
Roh Cosmetics glitters
Wet’n Wild black liquid liner
Fit me foundation
Fit me pressed powder
Black radiance pressed powder
Ashley Lee pigment
L.a. colors dark brown brow pencil
Absolute New York lipgloss


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41 thoughts on “How to: Glitter Cut- Crease | Client Makeup Tutorial

  1. Did she just say her mama ?! Ain’t no way, yall not going to say other wise… I don’t believe it ! I legit said to myself her friend is so lucky to get her makeup done for free… Beautiful makeup tutorial, you did that sis! Keep up the good work!

  2. Future MUA here quick question! So is calamine lotion good for any skin type including sensitive skin? Because I just love the way its smoothes out the foundations and ive seen that it even gives a longer lasting fresh look!

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