India’s Best Fitness Coach Basu Shanker On Training Kohli, Karthik, Ashwin… | The Ranveer Show 219

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Extremely honoured to host India’s Best Fitness Coach Basu Shanker on the show today. He is one of the guests I always wanted to present to the TRS audience. The amount of patience, clarity, and discipline he has is incredible. Basu Shanker was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the India national cricket team. He trained top athletes, including Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin, Dipika Pallikal Karthik, Dinesh Karthik and so many more.

In today’s episode, we discuss genetic differences in states which results in different body types for cricketers, the importance of protein intake, and what is the fitness level it takes to be a TOP athlete in the modern day. We also touched upon the careers of cricketers like Virat Kohli, M.S. Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, AB de Villiers & Dinesh Karthik.

Meet the man who revolutionized fitness for Indian cricket forever – Hope you enjoy this episode.

0:00 – Introduction
2:52 – Fitness Science
5:28 – Virat Kohli’s fitness
6:33 – On Basketball
7:54 – On M.S. Dhoni
10:19 – Genetic differences
12:20 – On milk and dairy
14:14 – To increase speed
17:05 – Kreatin and protein
19:30 – Importance of protein
24:58 – On yoga & posture
28:53 – All-rounder & Hardik Pandya
31:24 – On Rishabh Pant
33:09 – Multi-Sport approach
35:24 – Pakistan’s cricket team
36:45 – On Dinesh Karthik
43:35 – Evolution of cricket
48:35 – On his ‘new book’
49:46 – End of the podcast

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49 thoughts on “India’s Best Fitness Coach Basu Shanker On Training Kohli, Karthik, Ashwin… | The Ranveer Show 219

  1. This podcast does not address the elephant in the room. India is unable to generate fast bowlers due to the crappy vegetarian diet in this country. North Indians are tall but undernourished; South Indians are meat eaters mostly but genetically majority r short

  2. @BeerBiceps, In terms of fitness, you forgot to mention one more name James Anderson, A Proper Fast Bowler, Aging Like a Wime, Still Steaming in with Angle on swinging conditions. I hope Basu sir. if any chance he can get to train him, we never know we might see him bowling 5 more years. Haha.
    The Fitness Level of Players has now get them ability to play longer, earlier for a cricketer 34-35 was kind a enough for them, now they take nutritions and fitness level too seriously they add 3-5 more years to their career, But again it varies from body to body.

  3. If you really want fitness advise please listen to Hubberman podcast. The conversation is much deeper unlike this which talks about cricketers. There is nothing much to take away from this.

  4. Amazing podcast series, every episode of serious is very interesting, informative and entertaining love you brother ????????????????????????

  5. Man it’s Pretty cool to see you doing these Interviews Specially In English these sort of podcast reach a vast Yard Because there’s no Language Barrier / Probs from Sri Lanka ??

  6. Hey… Ranveer, this podcast is incredible… got to know more about fitness from an experienced person, different types of training level, diet, nutrients,and knowledge about it. Throughly enjoyed ! ! ! Basu sir , You are awesome 🙂

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