The only fashion trends you’ll need to remember: Fall-Winter 2022-2023 ǀ Justine Leconte

Fashion trends fall-winter 2022-2023: curated trend boards and review of the fashion show for this season. I went through thousands of runway looks & present you with the essence of everything I saw – and how to make it work in a real-life wardrobe.

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49 thoughts on “The only fashion trends you’ll need to remember: Fall-Winter 2022-2023 ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Thank you Justine. You always make everything so interesting and easy to follow.
    The comfy boots and statement belts stood out for me – that's me sorted for the winter ?.

  2. For me in Fall-Winter it's all about wearing what makes me warm. Every winter it looks like I gain lots of weight since I have to wear so many layers. Usually I wear at least 2 to 3 woollen jumpers on top of each other and a jacket in winter. It's great in summer though when I stop wearing the jumpers and suddenly I appear to lose 10kg overnight ?

  3. fuchsia…because I love that color…I might not wear many fancy things but I would definitely wear a lot of fuchsia in more casual clothes and hey if I had a fancy event and a big budget for it or sewed it myself could see a fuchsia dress in my future…hope you got your roof leak fixed Justine.

  4. Glad the belt trend has returned- I was considering getting mine out again for a change prior to watching this 🙂 I love my boots- ankle and long, by may not venture
    into the combat style… On trend with a Stella McCartney colour knitted hoodie I'm knitting too. Thank you for making me feel up to date and on trend 🙂

  5. trend – noun
    1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing
    transitive – to cause to turn, bend (to who's will?)

  6. I enjoyed your video and the essence of it: I learned so much! Do you also make content of male-fashion trends? Or could you suggest some YouTube channels that address male fashion trends?

  7. Dear Justine, thank you for the video! It’s smart, crisp and inspiring, as always (been watching you for years). The only thing that left me wondering: why are you calling russian attack on Ukraine “geopolitical events”? I sincerely wonder, why not calling a spade a spade? It is ongoing war on the border of Europe. And since we are talking about trends, it is war that will affect trends. Not some ghosty “geopolitical events” (which could be anything)

  8. I like the fusia with basic and monochrome pieces and bring out a splash of colour and still remain classic. I also really like focusing on waist and basic boots. Always trendy and classic! Great job Justine; loves your video. ❤❤❤

  9. Can you help. I’ve always been a fashionista on a budget but have enjoyed at least trying all my life. Suddenly I’m elderly and am faced with the dilemmas of nothing fits nothing is appropriate and looks good. HELP HELP HELP.

  10. The earthtones / 1970s vibe is my favorite. I'd love to see that but with an accent from the bright colors trend. The chunky walking boots trend is sooooo '90s. I just don't know if I can go back there, having lived in that world the first time for so long. 🙂

  11. I’m noticing the ‘70’s style earth tones being very popular in mainstream, low-budget shops. I prefer bright colours, so I’m not thrilled with this selection. I also noticed a terrible trend of cardigans and jackets not having any closures. Any buttons are decorative only and don’t actually close. When I went shopping, I was literally only able to find one jacket in my size which had a closure, and even then, it was a single button. This is so impractical and I hate it.

  12. The fitted waist and minimalist preppy designs are probably the easiest to do without buying new stuff (and it would be very easy to accomplish with select vintage purchases). A monochromatic look that is NOT a neon color is also very easy. I already know I'm going to embrace all of my black sweaters and pants and enjoy feeling and looking like a modern Wednesday Addams!

  13. Sometimes I wonder what we are saying about women as human beings in these shows. I think its fair to say women are not Cyborgs. The dehumanization of women this season bothered me for some reason Hated the artificial meta universe excesses…..No surprise, for me I loved the orange warm wooly top and leather skirt by Chloé – humans like to stay warm in winter… (obvious I know) and at least she looks like a human being….ditto with the woman wearing the statement skirt (red-ish) with the masculine jacket shirt and tie….and of course the lovely balanced Prada piece calm top lavender skirt – beautiful….. These shows are their own genre of theater in a way. The dehumanization of women still leaves me unsettled……Ambivalent about Fashion…..Gaby…ps love your videos and missed you over the summer…..

  14. Definitely, this is the best channel about fashion I have found on YT. Thanks also for talking about awareness concerning fashion industry and ethics. ❤

  15. honestly, I use your videos as a guide – so it is no wonder I had 3 of the trends already in my closet: platform boots, golden jewelry and warm bohemian colors

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