The True Horror of Cheese Addiction! | What the Fitness | Biolayne

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35 thoughts on “The True Horror of Cheese Addiction! | What the Fitness | Biolayne

  1. Wouldnt you agree cheese does have a role/reputation that exceeds that fact that its tasty? Many other tasty foods dont have the same "pull". Also, although anecdotal i happen to know people who "crave" milk. I love you content but i feel youve been Quick to dismiss this one w/o much of a rebuttal

  2. Have you ever struggled with binge eating disorder? Have you ever eaten yourself into a coma? Have you ever gone broke bingeing on food? Stayed away from your family just to eat? This kind of food addiction does exist.

  3. Layne denying that foods can be addictive when he has never been to an OA meeting ? (jk foods aren't addictive like crack or whatever, but some food-related behaviors can result in a lifestyle and psychological state that is much like a drug addict)

  4. I'm so addicted to cheese, I could not camembert it anymore. I wheeled myself to a cheese factory in France and blew up the wall to get in. The brie was everywhere.

  5. Aha! The answer to all my brother's problems! All he has to do to come off alcohol mushrooms and drugs is to eat cheese! Can't wait to share when he gets out of jail! Ridiculous.

  6. While I agree with your sentiment regarding using words properly, I really dislike people using 'trigger, triggering', etc. Unless you're referencing something that causes panic attacks or hysteria due to PTSD, I'd honestly put most people's use of those words in the same vein as 'addicted'. Granted, you very well may have PTSD related to addiction. I don't know, so I'm not directly talking about you, just speaking in general terms.

  7. Definitely addicted to water and oxygen here. I just can't stop. Please make a video ?

    On a serious note, cheese used to be a fear food for me. It's actually not NORMAL to quake at the thought of putting a piece of delicious aged cheddar or a creamy brie in your mouth & then feel as guilty as robbing someone. And I used to think that I'm like some horrible, gross, & undisciplined person who will immediately gain 500 lb eating it. Only an uncivilized person eschews a $10 almond paste "cheese" alternative for the real thing! Anyways, I have lots of regular and gourmet cheese now on rotation in my house, eating it in normal amounts, feeling great, & no longer feel crazy around it. And I'm far from being an obese cheese crack addict here lol.

  8. I hope you don't actually think naturopaths choose that profession because they are not as smart or as good as "real" doctors. Some are brilliant. Are there some idiots? Of course. And week after week you show "real" doctors who are idiots. How many people become addicts because of what their "real" doctors prescribe? What percentage of heroin addicts started on doctor prescribed Oxy? They used to give that out like candy…

  9. I never have been able to reconcile how the people who supported the information in "What the Health" are ok with eating meat substitutes, cheese substitutes and the like. It never made any sense to me how that was better for my general health than salmon, some swiss and maybe half and half in my coffee.

  10. The cruelty of the dairy industry and its environmental impact is enough reason to stop eating cheese, no need to make false claims about health implications.

  11. He might actually have had a point, had he gone hyperpalatability/bliss point route, and said that some cheeses are made with right amounts of salt and fat to override your satiety cues.

    Except cheese would by far not be unique in that regard.

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