TikTok Skincare Routines Are…WILD ??

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Today we are looking at even more TikTok skincare routines!
TikTok really is a platform for extravagant skincare routines. 20 steps, crazy tools, and using products wrong on purpose.

So today we take a look at some of those routines and see if there’s any… questionable products and techniques!

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49 thoughts on “TikTok Skincare Routines Are…WILD ??

  1. For people who wear contacts or who have dry eyes, eye rinses are actually nice. I sometimes use them when I have stents of sleeping with my eyes open and they get super dry. All it is, is a saline solution made for the eyes. It helps hydrate and clean the eyes.

  2. I wonder what it would be like when these young people are like 90 and they have all the tats on their face. I mean with pico it is removable. But it would sag

  3. I have rosaecia that breaks out when I'm ill or run down, and germolene is honestly my go to remedy. I'll put it all over where I'm red and it reduces purple lumps and spots really quickly, and after it's dried I follow with my usual moisturising routine. Also, allow it to soak into a spot before popping it, let it dry, then use it again after popping it. Nothing works better for me. (always wash your face with warm soapy water to remove residues and stop build up of chemicals)

    it's also amazing on dermatitus caused by washing your hands too much. Use it in place of your normal moisturisor for two to three applications over two days, or throughout the day if you work in industries that require lots of hand washing (I was in a bakery so literaly washed my hands up to ten/fifteen times an hour, even more during covid omg)

    But KEEP AWAY FROM EYES you will die I'm not joking. I had a spot on my lower eyelid and when that stuff got in I thought I was going to go blind. Dumb but lessons learnt.

    (also, if you suffer from ingrown hairs, work that shit in, I used to use it on my ex's razor burn. cheapest solve ever)

    Great content James! Love your stuff. Literally the only makeup and skin care vid I watch nowadays, and I love your investigations.

  4. Omg ? it’s island boy ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ James,he’s a joke (him AND his brother)! They’re ridiculous! Idk WHAT he’s doing trying to do a skin care regime???

  5. I looked it up & Medical News Today advises that people should not rinse their eyes as they clean themselves & cleaning them too often can lead to eye infections. Anything else I saw pertained to washing the eye of any chemical exposure

  6. Thats the β€œ island boy β€œ ? ?? singer i swear those brothers are slow ?but their funny. And actually sort of kind. One of the brothers r more funny but i think their slo a little. But thats how they got rich. Miami boys from cuba

  7. NGL I wonder if these routines actually do… anything? Their skin doesn't look any different from mine, and all I do is wash and moisturise (and use retinol ONLY if I have acne because it noticeably heals quicker, not every day because I don't want to make my skin too sensitive). I can't help but think it's all filters and the fact that they're young and in their 20s (of COURSE you don't have acne or wrinkles, you're 20!)

  8. I dont like using neosporin for skin, just because its a strong triple antibiotic ointment, its actually prescription only where I live (Spain), we should use antibiotics very sparingly because antibiotic-resistant bacteria are becoming more and more common and improper use of antibiotics can make more strains

  9. Whenever I watch your channel, I start washing my face and doing treatment masks and serums! Right now I am waiting for my April Skin Vitamin C serum to dry so I can apply the April skin moisturizer.

  10. I saw a comment from an eye doctor about the eye rinse and he had some good points. Your eyes have cleaning systems built in and while it may not damage your eyes, it's really not necessary and he said to speak with your eye doctor first.

  11. I’m guessing she used spirit gum on those rhinestones. You can remove spirit gum with a oily remover, so a cleansing balm would work. They do have specific spirit gum removers as well, but I have found a cleansing balm is usually enough for me when I use it.

  12. As someone who only has a 3-4 step night time skincare routine watching these clips drained me. I can't imagine using so many masks, so many products, having so many steps.

  13. Late to this but there's a lot of options for body adhesives to stick things to your body. There's body and facial adhesives made for costuming and cosplay purposes so as long as you research you can find something that can come off easier or harder depending on how long you wish to wear it. Like rhinestones for a look would probably be a short term thing I'd assume while horns or something for a whole day cosplay you might want something stronger lasting.

  14. I personally LOVE using the KillFace’s 100% Lye-based water mask. It gives your skin a mild first-degree burn and rejuvenate it by allowing the skin to heal!

    You will notice a HUGE difference as the scar heal and tighten. Your face will become so smooth it’s almost unrecognizable even to your family!

  15. Whenever I do drag I just use baby oil to take it all off and then a normal cleanser and moisturiser it’s super quick and removes all glue.

  16. Those scrubby body pads aren’t actually super sharp, I use one on my nose super gently. Nothing can exfoliate my skin on my face, but those don’t even take off scans or pimples because I’m gentle

  17. Those scrubby body pads aren’t actually super sharp, I use one on my nose super gently. Nothing can exfoliate my skin on my face, but those don’t even take off scans or pimples because I’m gentle

  18. I wouldn't recommend using the antibiotic cream daily. It's medication. You need correct dosages and application time to maintain that dosage until whatever problem you have is gone. You also can't just be putting antibiotics since bacteria are living things that grow and evolve and can eventually mutate and become resistant to that particular antibiotic you use every day or every other day. And then when you get an actual infection, the doctors will have to give you a "stronger" antibiotic, and your old antibiotic cream that you use may not even work on you anymore since the bacteria will end up being resistant.

    Anyways that's just my two cents as a senior pharmacy student :'D

  19. I can’t stand the idea of cleansing balms. Just find a nice organic oil that is compatible with your skin type and use that as a makeup remover. Cleansing balm is just a fancy new term for oils. But instead of just oil it has other ingredients in it. Keep it simple buy an organic oil it’s only 1 ingredient versus 10-20

  20. There is a growing concern with the use of neosporin (triple antibiotic creams, ointments) that they are contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Just FYI. Attitudes are changing quickly in the veterinary field because we are seeing a serious rise in resistant stains on bacteria. Search judicious use of antibiotics if you want to do your own research.

  21. I've heard that using neosporin too much can potentially cause antibiotic resistance so that's kind of terrifying that she apparently uses it every day as part of her routine

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