Week in my life at fashion school | NYC fashion student, Parsons art school vlog

Join me for a week of fashion school and see the chaos that is being a fashion student in nyc 🙂
I’m a second year fashion design major at Parsons School of Design in NY ✨
If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you so much!

All my fashion school vlogs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFxKtbAORUfmp3Ntp6u-DgE6vDXSTDa5l

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Music by Joyce Chen – Rulebook? (feat. Kissmykas) – https://thmatc.co/?l=8C7C5946
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Music by Telescreens – Melancholy Dreaming – https://thmatc.co/?l=9689A786


50 thoughts on “Week in my life at fashion school | NYC fashion student, Parsons art school vlog

  1. I just searched some "fashion" came across your channel, n
    Enjoying love how natural it is and we can all relate! Wish you best success and future endeavours! How is it coming along? How many years and do you have sneak peak collection yet?

  2. I got a really good colleges offer in 9th grade it's for basically creative industry and they had fashion class and I love fashion I'm obsessed with shopping and clothes and it's FIDM it's a really good college I got a flyer today and as soon as I heard about that my original career plan went out the window

  3. When I was little I wanted to do fashion, and I still do. I want to be an astronomer also, I am only in 7th grade but I want to plan out my college, jobs, etc. I am heading towards a fashion designer right now, but that might change in the future.

  4. yh i do care alot i can't wait to start a fashion school every seen fourth grade i have been sewing and in the 7th grade i bought a sewing machine and now i'm going to 9th grade and moving to hartford connecticut i cann't wait to start fashion school

  5. OMG I’ve always had a dream of going to Parsons University with my best friend and starting a fashion design business! Then Today I found you and I’m so excited for what my future might bring! All I know is your future is going to be amazing!!! I never really realized how hard Fashion Design school would be! My friends would always tell me “oh your gonna do fashion design? That’s so easy we have it so hard” but now I know they don’t really know what fashion design is at all. Even though this video made me realize how hard fashion design is, I still want to work hard to try and do it!

  6. I’m planning on going to fashion school in savannah, and I was curious how some fashion majors actually spend the week. Now I’m less scared. Actually, I’m quite exited for college! I’m almost out of high school(I’m a sophomore btw!) I wish I could send some of my designs. Some of them are pretty bad, but I know I can get better!

  7. I liked your vlog so much I remembered when I was studying as a product designer Working late, skipping meals, planning an organized schedule, and then getting up late I've been through it, You are really amazing and sharing your achievements is really motivating. Thank you ?✨

  8. I currently just became a junior at high school, and I was planning to get a tour of the college this summer. I wonder How Parson is and everything. I am so curious about students living in apartments and going to school and then heading to work or something like that. It seems so cool and tiring at the same time. Is it engaging? Is it time consuming? How is your life so far? I have so many questions >O<

  9. I’m learning how to sew. Need to make my first blouse soon since I bought all the stuff. I’m so scared of messing up ?. Thank goodness it’s just for fun ☺️. You are so talented ??

  10. Hi there,
    Your video just got into my youtube feed, and i wanted to say that i really love seeing you follow your dream. I recently got into fashion design myself i have been learning pattern design and sewing so i really appreciate you sharing your journey and thought process. I would love to hear more about your courses and how the fashion industry works overall 🙂

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