WHAT EVERYONE IS WEARING IN NEW YORK – PART 2 New York Street Style Fashion For Fall EP.11

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20 thoughts on “WHAT EVERYONE IS WEARING IN NEW YORK – PART 2 New York Street Style Fashion For Fall EP.11

  1. Walking is safe in New York. I can't believe people say tube when ppl die down there. New York seems totally fine as what the news portrays. Maybe it's other states in America.

  2. Love your channel. I agree you should look in thrift stores like goodwill (best one is on Piedmont ave) you can show the clothes they have….jobes if ny, Shein, Ann Tsylor loft, calvin klein etc. out of the closet, Alexis suitcase. I wish you would come to Atlanta. The black college homecoming everyone is so fly. Also little five points equal to nys Greenwich village.. come before it gets too cold!! I'd be happy to show you around! Denise

  3. Really enjoyed this–I love to see what people are wearing-so much style–I loved the lady with the white top and jeans–loved her Celine glasses–Am on the search for them–do you think her shades were dark green or black? and where was her top from-she said something like Miko?

  4. I love your channel so much!!! I wish you would interview people coming out of thrift shops to see what they buy? And how they will put their outfits together? Since most of us cannot afford designer brands! This would be so fun & helpful!

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