y2k fashion trends that are about to make a comeback ???

i’m finally back with another video essay! a little less movie focused and more about fashion in general. as someone who actually lived through these trends it’s pretty weird seeing y2k outfits and fashion return, but that’s probably how people felt about the 90s comeback as well. what y2k trend are you most excited about?

timestamps ⏱
0:00 intro
3:54 the exposed thong
5:06 rhinestones
5:32 sequins
5:43 asymmetry
6:34 logomania
8:35 von dutch
9:21 juicy couture
9:55 playboy
10:53 baby phat
11:42 ed hardy
12:24 tiny purses
13:19 camouflage
14:00 animal print

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36 thoughts on “y2k fashion trends that are about to make a comeback ???

  1. Watching this in 2022, during the peak of the y2k trends. At first I hated but now I actually like how people play with it. I like what pieces people are bringing back. And it is nostalgic for me, probably even more so because I was fairly young and have a lot less cringe memories from the 2000s. I feel like it is somewhat more inclusive though. I honestly think the real enemy here is the 2010s ? i was in Jr. High for the middle of that era unfortunately and I hated those years. That being said, i also hold hatred for the 2010s bc of the trends at the time ?

  2. I'm going to say this I remember my mother's clothing the branding especially baby fat and I remembered the tattoo shirts and the tie dies and the hair

  3. This is why when I was 9 around 2008 I thought everyone older around 16-27 was lame af. As I got older my opinion didn’t change at all.

  4. I dont agree about the low rise ,they looked good on few people ,Girls have and want bigger booties making that cut almost impossible to fit right.Now that girls are accustomed to all the selections of jeans ( fewer back then(,Nope no going back) .

  5. I’m 27 so was a pre-teen in the early 2000s so I’m not sure how to feel about this… wasn’t old enough to really experience it but old enough to feel uncomfortable about this now being a recycled trend ??

  6. When she mentioned the mid-2010's I was having a flashback to when I used to wear my leather jacket and grey ripped skinny jeans. I WAS 9 BAHHAHAHAHA ???

  7. I'm so glad that as a teen in the early 2000s I had a mind of my own and just did whatever the hell I wanted rather than conforming to some industry made trend.

  8. This was so amazing! Your video brought me so much joy, knowledge and power as i feel more like a woman but currently feel a little lost. I loved fashion in the late 90s when i was in elementary school but dont know how to incorporate it now in my late 20s. Thank you from the bottom of heart for such a thorough job on the bridge between history and present day fashion. This will be a guide for me to better understand myself as the fashion i used to love unravels into present day. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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