10 Things I Wish I Did for My Skin Sooner (Skincare Tips for 20s & 30s) | Susan Yara

I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to start (or stop) these skincare habits sooner in my 20s and 30s. I would tell myself to be more diligent about wearing sunscreen every day and you KNOW I would’ve tossed makeup wipes sooner. Watch this video to see all the things I wish I did for my skin sooner!

30s Skincare Must-Haves: https://youtu.be/1N7tGhNsMAo
Easy Skincare Tips for Big Results: https://youtu.be/Jhv2hp8nKVQ

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Silk Pillowcase
03:02 Makeup Wipes
04:18 Double Cleanse
05:28 Consistent Routine
07:46 Facials
09:24 Pregnancy Skin
12:00 Experts for Skin Tone
14:50 Skincare for Skin Concerns
16:47 Retinoids
17:46 Sunscreen
20:07 Recap

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37 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Did for My Skin Sooner (Skincare Tips for 20s & 30s) | Susan Yara

  1. I just turned 30 and just started using l'oreal pure retinol serum 0,2%. What else should I be doing? My problem is that I can't NOT sleep on my face. And I'm insomniac, I move a lot while my face is on my pillow. My skin is mixed, I get pimples on my chin, my forehead is kinda greasy and get thousands of tiny little pimples. But I also get gross dry patches especially on my cheeks or even on my eyelid. As for wrinkles, my under eyes and above cheekbones are my problem area. Also I started noticing my usually very defined lip line kinda dissapearing in some areas.

  2. I am 29 and have the fairest skin tone. when I was a kid my family really pushed hard for me to get tanned, because that was the mindset: no sunscreen so you can get burn and then the burn becomes tan. But i never got tanned I just got burned all the time. I regret this so much, even if I know that i was just a kid and didn't know anything about skin protection. Now I'm using sunscreen everyday since I was 27, but i really get the feeling of regretting things!

  3. I’ve read the comments and it seems that everyone has something different that makes a big change.

    For me it’s vit C.
    And being consistent with SPF. When I was a teen and then in my 20s I used spf, but not so obsessively as now ?

    I was lucky that I had regular facials since yearly teenage years and was on prescribed tretinoin. That was probably the only advantage of having very hard acne ?

  4. Is using micellar water + whatever mild cleanser as good as oil cleansers in the double cleansing method? I hate the feel of oils on my combo/oily skin

  5. It makes me sad. I'm learning about skin as a 29 year old. I been using makeup wipes sense forever. I still look very young. And at least I been using spf daily sense my early 20s. But now I'm starting to actually treat my skin properly. But I get scared of all the damage I could of done.

  6. As someone with acne, I wish I had taken Accutane sooner! It’s not for everyone, but if changed my life whereas no other acne treatment could, not even prescription topical retinoids. The effects have been permanent and I get literally zero acne now even on my period. There have been minor lingering side effects but still worth it to me. Figured I’d post this since many people are scared of it, and many derms won’t suggest it (as soon as I went to an upgraded derm I learned the more experienced ones do suggest it!)

  7. You mean you’re older than 34 ? amazing tips! I am about to turn 25 and I am definitely going to take care of my skin for the rest of my life because if there’s one thing I learned is that aging right has a lot to do with how you take care of your skin in the early years.

  8. I admit I use make up wipes on nights I work. I work 3 days a week in healthcare and sometimes are 12 hours shifts can turn it at 13 hours so by the time I get home I'm insanely exhausted. I don't wear makeup and since I work inside not around windows I don't wear sunscreen either, Also I get to work before the sun is out and I leave when it's gone.

    So as I am trying not to fall asleep staring into the mirror I'll splash my face with water a little bit rub and when it dries I'll swipe around with a makeup wipe but I won't tug too hard press too hard.

    It's just I'm just so exhausted from healthcare work that I don't want to use the whole cleanser and such. I know that's probably lazy but idk it's rough after 12/13hrs Plus I live 45 minutes away by car from my job.

    I didn't start good skin care till maybe I was 25 and now I have fine lines and good wrinkles on my forehead. I'm 31 now and have great skin care routine! It's better now than ever I guess.

  9. satin pillowcases are great if you're looking for a more budget friendly option! I've seen a huge difference in my skin + hair from using one. I even bring it with me to hotels haha. I also FINALLY stopped using makeup wipes at 27 and it's made me enjoy my skincare routine so much more. it's made makeup removal so much easier than I thought it would be and I love being able to clear out the sebaceous filaments- it's so satisfying lol

  10. Why is it that young people these days think that there are all these things that are so necessary? There have been women for centuries that I’ve looked beautiful without a ton of make up, skin care, and experts.

  11. 4:39 I kinda discovered double cleanse in my teens, but I didn't keep it up because I heard the myth that oil was bad for the skin. I used to rub sweet almond oil all over my body right before showering.

  12. Im 26 and started retinoids when I was 24 (Differin, to 0.025% tretinoin, then 0.05% tretinoin) and sunscreen everyday. The f#%king different in my skin is unreal. I deeply struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation my entire life and they are both virtually gone. S/O Susan! ???

  13. Retinol was great for my closed comedones, but left me with so much PIH from bringing up small cysts. I only use it on my chin because I’m afraid to mess with a good thing (my other skin is pretty clear) since I’m so dry and now acne prone I guesss 🙂 but I love Hydrafacials!

  14. Finding the products that work for my skin has been a challenge because I get overwhelmed with the products that are available…….. I'm in my 40s and still have not figured it out.

  15. I just wish I had started or been educated about how important a skincare routine was when I was a girl. I know I wouldn’t have taken it seriously but perhaps a foundation would have given me something to reference when I got older. Also I’m in my 40s, love my skin care routine but I’m still afraid of retinoids! ? Where do I start?

  16. When I was in my early teens/20's I would bounce in and out of skincare because I didn't see results asap, later I learned that its a patience game and its worth it. It's been 5 years since I started a skincare routine and sunscreen on a daily basis and oh boy, I don't need to wear make up anymore (foundation/concealer, etc), my skin looks gorgeous, healthy, clean and glowy. I only use avene/vichy/bioderma and isdin , for blush I use bare minerals, mascara, some lippie and I'm good to go! I always carry sunscreen (dont forget your lips) and thermal water in my bag. I look younger than my early 20's!

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