An Obese Man Won A Woman's Beauty Pageant

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An obese man who identifies as a woman steals the beauty pageant crown from biological women.

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35 thoughts on “An Obese Man Won A Woman's Beauty Pageant

  1. Hey Matt. 4:28 You are (correctly ) referring to him as He. So, please don´t say : "All the other women" because it implies as if the guy is a woman too. You should have said something like "Look at the guy and look at the female participants" or someting like that. Thank you for reading and keep up the good work ?

  2. Awe come on… no fecking way!!, WTF is wrong with these people? Seriously. What’s wrong with these girls? Why would they applaud the fact that a MAN just took their crown? The girls should all be ashamed of themselves for supporting this MAN’s unethical, unjustified win. I’m embarrassed for every girl that lost to a fat guy. So sad.

  3. Not only is he allowed to compete in a womans pageant, but he's probably the only one who is obese that made it in a pageant. No obese woman would've made it let alone win. What pisses me off the most is the women applauding him. I feel nothing for those women. Let them applaud a man who took away a scholarship meant for a woman. Don't feel bad for them. They are allowing this to happen to them. Even happy about it.

  4. This story is actually a great encapsulation of the distortion of reality we live in right now. The left, through its control of media, big tech, movies, etc have been able to distort reality on many topics and it's hard for the laymen consumer of these sources to see that. For example they have convinced people that J6 was an insurrection, as oppose to a demonstration in which some people got rowdy and there's even a lot of evidence they were instigated and invited inside. They convinced people that it's normal for elections to take weeks and to be fully through untracked unverified mail in ballots. Many examples of this continuous distortion and conditioning, much like was done during the build up to Iraq war post 9/11 when the two had nothing to do with each other. But this case is a good representation of the distortion because even a child looking at this pic, without having their reality distorted, would not pick this man as the beauty pageant winner, yet i assure you, reality is so distorted in this pageant that everyone went along with that.

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