BEST Fashion Trends for 2022 | How to Dress This Year

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Topic of discussion: What is the BEST 2022 fashion trend you’ve seen so far?

In 2022, there will be a variety of new fashion trends coming your way and I want to make sure everyone watching is READY. These fashion trends are HOT right now and they are here to stay throughout the year of 2022. Today we’re going over the BEST fashion trends in 2022 so that you can start the year IN STYLE. Watch the video and let me know if you learned anything new!

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47 thoughts on “BEST Fashion Trends for 2022 | How to Dress This Year

  1. For me, I can be trendy as always of course I am but there are styles that I cannot put off like the 2010s style for me 2010s style is still the best especially in men's hairstyle but tbh I don't like the 90s haircut, it really reminds me of a boyband 2 decades ago haha… no offense But I love some of the returning trends this 2022. The most important thing is, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable at the same time stylish as well

  2. Honestly I am also confused about Big fits because year ago Alex used to say he doesn't go with baggy jeans, nowadays baggy jeans is the new trend…so I get what he means

  3. Haven't seen any cargo pants recently….thank god…..slim form fitting khakis in various colors i have seen and that has a good spring/ summer look…..should just give cargo the respectful death it deserves….that applies to c shorts also..

  4. Bland, boring, too square and baggy. Until there's actually more choices and diversity in men's clothes, I'll keep an arm distance away from the men's aisle.

    Really why not just get back into open chested blazers back in the 70s/80s? Or to progress a little and bring out crop tops for men?

  5. Call Denzel W. and give him lessons on how to dress for the Oscars. Very sloppy. Chris Rock was sexy as hell. Tone body and that tux was the bomb.

  6. Let's see if we can cross 500 subscribers mark by today…

    They said- "Suyash you are disabled and you are not worth being on YouTube."

    Show your love and support…

  7. Mens fashion this year is honestly so lazy. Baggy and 90s? honestly, its like we all embraced the ideas of a 1st year college student.

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