doing my skincare routine while i overshare about my life as if were on facetime

POV: were doing our monthly FaceTime to catch up while I tell you about who’s been in my dms, what I be crying about, new skincare products, breath work class, and just life
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Products Mentioned:
Skin&Lab -CleansingBalm:
Dermalogica – DailyMicrofoliant:
Tatcha Cleanser:
Hyaluronic Marine Modeling Mask:
Spectralite Faceware Pro:
Cream Skin Toner:
Cosrx Essence:
Axis-y Spot treatment:
Zitsticka microdart dark spot patch:
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⇢ Q: how old are you? 19

⇢ Q: where do you live? NYC (originally from Canada)

⇢ Q: how do you edit your videos? editing by: @libbydirks | graphics/transitions by: @kayliswrld

⇢ Q: what is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese

⇢ Q: what’s your intro/outro song? A: Hex – 80purppp / Liquorice – 80purppp

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