Don't Look Frumpy In Your Jeans…Sharing The Top Denim Trends of 2023 (Fashion Over 40)

Is it time to ditch your skinny jeans? In this video, I’ll show you the top trends in denim this season so that you will look sophisticated and modern instead of FRUMPY!

Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo

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What I’m Wearing
Chain Necklace |
Pendant Necklace |
Silver Pendant |
Earrings |
Similar Sweater |
Jeans |

Denim Silhouettes | 1:00
Ivory Cardigan |
Tall Boots |
Sleeveless Sweater |
Shoes (Clogs) |

***Our Favorite Looser Fit Jeans***

Baggy | 01:04
Citizens |
Moussy |
Evereve |
Banana Republic |

Flare | 02:40
Paige Flare |
Veronica Beard (cropped) |
Mother Flare |
Frame Flare |

Wide Leg | 03:14
Mother Tomcat Roller |
Frame Wide leg |
Veronica Beard Wide Leg |
Mother Flare With Raw Hem (Baby Flare) |
Kut From The Kloth Wide Crop (Ecru) |
Madewell (crop) |
Rag & Bone |
Rag & Bone Wide Leg Crop |

Straight Leg | 03:57
L’Agence (Wearing) |
Mother Straight Leg |
AG Straight Leg (Cropped) |
Mother Crop Straight Leg (Black) |
Evereve Straight Jean |
Evereve Straight Jean (Black) |
AGolde Straight |
Moto Jacket |
Plaid Blazer |

Bootcut | 4:27
Citizens Bootcut |
L’Agence Bootcut |
Wit & Wisdom |

Modern Details | 05:44

Pleated Jeans | 05:44
Denimist |
Banana Republic |

Split Hem | 6:31
Split Hem (Light Wash) |
White Split Hem |
Derek Lam |
White Pants |
Front Split |
Black Pants |

Cargo Style | 07:39
Alice & Olivia |
Frame |
Free People |

Raw Hem | 7:58
Mother |
L’Agence |
Express |

Criss Cross Waist | 08:29
Agolde Criss Cross Waist |
Pistola Criss Cross |

Bonus Trend | 11:12
Denim Jacket (With Puff Shoulder) |
Similar For Less |

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26 thoughts on “Don't Look Frumpy In Your Jeans…Sharing The Top Denim Trends of 2023 (Fashion Over 40)

  1. Sorry I get stares from guys 10yrs younger than me because I look better and younger in it. Keeping what makes me look good no frumpy jeans for me, teen girls can pull off any type including flares , flares however are not for every grown woman

  2. I think it's still in transition from skinny jean to any other style jean. Fashion industry has been forcing to change this skinny jean trend for a while but it didn't really work out because new style jeans don't look flattering, so they try to push every single style now( baggy, straight, flare etc) I am not sure which would be the new trendy jean for next 10 years.

  3. I don't keep up with Trends ,I dress the Way I feel like, Like the other daY I wore " W" shirt at a Movie premiere, got the most Attention. Hehe !

  4. I'm super glad that flared cut is coming back in a high rise style. I've always loved flare leg, but the low rise/mid rise style was horrible on me.

  5. Flared jeans amp up feminine silhouettes, and are a petite girl’s BFF (yes to the hidden sky-high platform shoes, Erin!). Save your fav skinnies, theyll be baaaaack.

  6. I know this is about Jean's, I just want to say.. pointy witch shoes have to go… they wreck outfits & look awful, I prefer rounded, square isn't bad.

  7. If you look good in skinny jeans keep and wear them! Why waste them? So many clothes are thrown away! Keep them and get the other styles. I don't look great in skinny jeans so I've worn boot cut this whole time

  8. Jeans shall be 100% cotton, or if a brand does some greenwashing, some hemp mixed in is OK. All other fabrics are unacceptable IMO. Lyocell being the worst. That makes skinny jeans impossible, as they are relying on lycra/elasthane. So I never had skinny nor will ever get them. Slim fit is the skinny done right. I really dig the current abbundance of high waist slightly wider leg models. 25cm leg opening is perfect.

  9. With huge legs and wide hips, anything baggy makes me look enormous and anything skinny makes me look slimmer and streamlined.

  10. I think it’s all about balance. Skinny jeans are still a style that is popular but maybe just be mindful of proportions. If you have skinny jeans then maybe go with flowier or looser top and also balance the bottom with a chunkier shoe choice. I think it’s more thinking overall effect but that’s with any sort of outfit.

  11. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the retro 90s high waist wide leg jean! I also love the split hem. Both silhouettes really show off my butt. I’m 5’4 and 65. Brands I like right now are Dear John, Level 99 and Pistola. They’re LA brands in the $100-140 range. High waisted sexy cuts. On Instagram I saw the Claudia Schiffer collab with Frame denim. Loved it.

  12. I love this video and so happy you did it! My petite friends love their skinny slacks and jeans and are reluctant to give them up! I am 6’ tall and have had a hard time finding skinny jeans long enough for me.But I have been wearing flares,corduroy jeans,velvet jeans,loose cut with high waists and boot cut jeans for the last 5 months and they just look so good.
    Compliments from both men & women too!
    Leggings were one of the ugliest items women were wearing for the last 6 years and my tall fit girlfriends and I never wore them without either a long cardi or dress on top.They were just ugly!I kept mine for movie nights with a long sweater or hoodie.

  13. I like the boot cut jeans, but they bunch up at the opening of the boot when you wear them over boots and ankle boots. Do you have any tips on styling boots and boot cut jeans?

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