Easy Skincare Tips that Make a BIG Difference in Your Skin | Skincare with Susan Yara

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes all it takes is making a few small and easy changes to your skincare routine to see a BIG difference in your skin. Whether you’re dealing with clogged pores, acne, dry skin, oily skin, or something else, you’ll be sure to see results if you apply some of these easy skincare tips. What are some of your favorite skincare tips? Share in the comments!

Hydrator or Moisturizer: https://youtu.be/8pjlX3C968I
All About Retinoids: https://youtu.be/hl468yy8OUs

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in “Pillow Talk”: https://bit.ly/3KfpCUm
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in “Pillow Talk”: https://bit.ly/3NSGW3K

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00:00 Intro
01:05 Wash Your Face
03:09 No Makeup Wipes
05:20 Clean Anything that Touches Your Skin
06:10 Apply to Damp Skin
08:14 Lock-in Skincare
09:41 Neck, Chest, & Hands
10:31 Adding New Products
12:22 Add a Retinoid
13:33 Wear Sunscreen
14:27 Subscribe!

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43 thoughts on “Easy Skincare Tips that Make a BIG Difference in Your Skin | Skincare with Susan Yara

  1. Can you please do a video on affordable sunscreens for sensitive skin under $15? I haven't had such a great experience with sunscreens (breakouts, irration), so I'm nervous to try a new one.

  2. Since I started taking the natural herbs medication I ordered from Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel my Herpes simplex Virus started getting better and now it is gone forever and I’m now living a more comfortable life again.

  3. These kind of videos are very interesting and I have already been sub for nearly 30 days whoever made this yt channel is certainly very very intelligent..
    Let me tell you, we both have grown jointly, you making these kind of yt videos, and me personally, watching the videos..
    I observed this specific video on other yt channel also, someone has used it.

  4. I love following you, but could you please review more cruelty free products? If you and many others realized the torture of animals for make up and skin care you would probably never use them again.

  5. If anyone would like to get get a skincare device FREE to try, such as radio frequency skin tightening machine, permanet IPL hair removal device, red light therapy torch for pain relief, etc, just contact me soon to get your quota, first come first served. ? US only

  6. I stopped washing my face in the morning and used micellar water then follow up with my skincare I was so scared bc my skin is dry and acne prone but it was the best decision ever!

  7. Can you please make a video on how long your skin products last? Bc sometimes I might buy a many of, let’s say 5 bottles of sunscreen, and then a year later I still have them. Are they still good after a year or should I buy new ones?

  8. When applying eye creams, lower your chin and look up with your eyes without moving your head. Hold this position while lightly tapping your eye cream into your lower lid area. Be especially mindful of the fine lines and wrinkles here. This position allows for you to apply the eye cream/product directly into your fine lines without tugging at your skin in an unnatural way. When I first started using retinol at 27, this tip was given to me. I have done this every day for 10 years and I swear I still look 27!

  9. I started using the Azeliac acid 10% and have little white bumps along my jawline and chin. Not whiteheads. They aren’t painful and only noticeable up close. Is this normal? Does it go away?
    I do cleanser, essence, azeliac acid and moisturizer at night. No actives or complicated ingredients

  10. One thing I stopped doing and saw vast improvement in my skin (bare in mind I have normal skin): I used to use a physical exfoliator (cleanser with manuca honey from H&B) every other morning. I used to think it made my skin really soft but what it did it made it really sensitive and it looked very tired and dull during the day. Now, I only use a good (non soapy) gentle cleanser every single day, 100% every single night and some mornings if I feel like I need it.

  11. I agree w this list. Cleansing, retinol, niacinamide, and silk pillow case transformed my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and I realized that I have to be careful of the products I use in my hair and on the rest of my body. If I use the wrong thing my whole forehead and cheeks will break out. I stay away from any hair product with coconut oil (which is hard when you have curly hair!)

  12. Most mornings I feel the products from last might still "active" so zero wishing my face. I use a milk midmorning when I start sweating and dont feel clean anymore.

  13. Wow….your video really help me……I have very dry sensitive skin….and always have cleansed in the morning….from today onwards will top…

  14. The only time I don’t use a cleanser in the morning is in the winter, I find it helps with the winter dryness but once the warmer weather comes then I start using a gentle cleanser in the morning and follow up with skin care and moisturizer, I definitely think I’m going to start the double cleanse once I start wearing makeup more

  15. Thanks for the tips!

    Just wondering if serums and moisturizers would still work in the morning even if you don't use a cleanser.

    I may be over exfoliating since I have already cleansed the night before (cleanser, niacinamide serum, moisturizer, adapalene) but I use a salicylic acid cleanser in the morning along with vit C serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

  16. I have a question, I just introduced Growth Factors in my skin care but confused about order to apply. Does it go before or after tretinoin or does it matter ?

  17. Question! I’m currently nursing and I’ve read such mixed information about rather or not I can use retinal. I’m ready to use it again now that I’m not pregnant but should I wait until I’m done nursing?!? Help!

  18. Hey Susan i recently purchase your two products. One is Naturium Alpha Arbutin Serum and other is Naturium Niacinamide 5% moisturizer. Please tell me in morning i use naicinamide moisturizer and sunscreen and in PM after double cleansing i use Alpha Arbutin Serum and then niacinamide moisturizer. Is it good or not.

  19. Its been about a year since I started double cleansing nightly (thanks to you) and it has 1000% changed everything for me.. also moisturizing on damp skin! Thank you for all the informative videos ?

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