Fall Fashion Trends 2022! (what we will be wearing this season)

Fall Fashion Trends of 2022!! The styles and trends we will be wearing this season! Comment your favorite trend 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Trends 2022! (what we will be wearing this season)

  1. I'm not mad at ballet flats, but I've never forgotten about the blisters them shits give you. I'm staunch a member of the low-rise jeans resistance. But, I am saying good riddance to skinny jeans!

  2. Not the samba! I saw this coming after my husband and I were talking about his Dana as and him needing a new pair. And later on depop I saw some for sale for a decent price and I was like that shoe as street wear gonna trend!

  3. Blazers never been my thing. But I feel like the cropped version coming from the 80s which is interesting. Imm stick to some more classic fall gear for myself. High waist skirt preferably corduroy. Flannels and turtle necks. Kinda going for that cozy cool librarian vibe. I feel like some trending pieces are just if you live in like a warmer is climate. How people be wearing them.

  4. the ballet flat is not appreciated because it's uncomfortable, lack foot support, flops off people's feet and leaves blisters and they deteriorate fast. it has nothing to do with how it looks aesthetically in my opinion.

  5. So when the ugliest things trend you would wear them??? Like ballerina shoes,fringe clothes, low rise 2000s pants ????? When skinny jeans come back would you Rock them again ? Girl, you are the leader of fashion because of your good taste.. Don’t let ugly fashion brainwash you! Noooo !! Where’s the sweat outfits, oversized neutral comfy coats, boots etc?

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