Fashion Trends Fall 2022 Winter 2023

Fashion Trends Fall 2022 Winter 2023

Fashion trends Fall 2022 Winter 2023 that caught my eye from various runways of luxury fashion designers. Knowing what is going to be trendy early on can help you figure out what to put in to storage for spring cleaning what to look out for during the season sales and what to hunt for in thrift stores what I call smart shopping.

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Statement Outerwear
03:13 Robe Coat
03:59 Bomber Jacket
05:03 Equestrian
05:35 Preppy
06:25 Deconstruction
06:57 Catsuit
07:56 Athleisure
09:07 Flapper
11:02 80’s
12:20 y2k
13:45 White tank
14:18 Trench Coat
15:15 Tux
16:13 Long Line
17:03 Corset
17:46 Cut outs,
19:53 Wide leg
20:51 Color

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