Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

Crunches will give you abs. Cardio is the key to weight loss. These are two of more than a dozen exercise myths that do more harm than good. Business Insider brought in three professional athletic trainers to debunk them.

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Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths


24 thoughts on “Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

  1. I get a chuckle out of the phrase lose weight I think tha tfor mopst people its more like lose size or fat or flab not actually the weight, and by size muscle does weigh more than fat I mean if you put muscle and fat into the same size and weight containers the muscle weighs more which goes back to the first thing I said about losing weight two people can weigh the same even with the same frame of body and hieght but they can look completely different if a person has more muscle and the other more fat there looks will be different but they will weigh the same, years back an uncle who is just 2 yrs older then me and has the same body frame asked me how much I weight becasue i looked a little smaller then him both 6'2" large frame I told him I weighed 210 he thought that I was lying because he was noticeably larger looking then me so we weighted each other he weigh 205 I weighed 214 but I looked quite a bit smaller then him

  2. 4:40
    It’s true, you can for sure work out at home with less equipment. BUT! Understand that it is not equivalent to a gym at all. I quit my gym when the Covid hit. For two years I’ve been working out at home with dumbbells and push-ups and a pull-up bar. I restarted my gym membership two weeks ago. My arms are good to go, but my chest, back, and legs are weak in comparison. 22 push-ups is just not a substitute for a barbell bench. I’m sore in really strange places now. Stuff that my home equipment wasn’t targeting. Like, behind my armpits, for example.

  3. I use to work out at home about 22 yrs ago, but more of an aerobic workout. I use to get compliments on my body all the time. I want to start working out again but now I am worried about a small hiatal hernia I have. Is there a way I can exercise for my abdomen/stomach that won't be as strenuous for the hernia?

  4. They completely misunderstood the first question.
    If you don't use muscles for a long time and start eating more you will lose muscle mass and gain fat. No one actually thinks muscle converts into fat, it just seems that way.

  5. Did anyone ever figure out why 100% of people in areas of prolonged famine always have visible abs? What’s the science on that, and is the science politically correct?

  6. “Muscle weights more than fat” is an imprecise way of saying the following: if you have two pieces of Tupperware of the same size, and you fill one with fat and one with muscle, the one with muscle weighs more.

    OBVIOUSLY a pound of muscle is the same as a pound of fat, and technically “Muscle weighs more” is a misnomer or imprecise, but cmon… you know what people mean.

  7. Wait … it’s NOT a”myth” that stretching helps prevent injuries (!) even granting that over stretching and/or working out improperly afterwards can also result in injury. Don’t be irresponsible!

  8. Why do we need glycogen??
    Our bodies are perfectly capable of converting glycerol backbone fat into glucose….

    Just like sun fulfills our vitamin D reserves

  9. this is the defination of click-bait and you guys are not debunking myths all you are doing is just confusing more people who are already very confused with unspecific and vague shityous guys are just tip toeing around reality to make to more spicy with snippy headlines atleast take more time and go into greater detail please

  10. Cardio DOES help with weight loss but sheer virtue of the fact your body burns calories and their ARE good and bad work outs to suggest otherwise it's complete nonsense ask any body builder.

  11. Low HR cardio does fuel from fat though… that's the aerobic system. You do need to consume enough protein that you don't deplete your muscle builds.

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