Fitness Toolkit: Protocol & Tools to Optimize Physical Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #94

I describe a fitness protocol that maximizes all the major sought-after aspects of physical fitness, including strength, endurance and flexibility. I discuss fundamentals of resistance training protocols, including repetitions, sets, inter-set and inter-workout rest periods and periodization of intensity and volume to improve strength and hypertrophy. I also explain how to integrate this with endurance training across the week by controlling the duration, timing and intensity of cardiovascular workouts. I also cover science-based protocols on leveraging the mind-body connection, deliberate breathing (during and after exercise), stretching, deliberate heat and cold exposure, and non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) for better workout performance and faster recovery. Further, I tackle a range of real-world issues that can affect a consistent training schedule, such as whether you should train if you are sick, have had a poor night of sleep or had a stressful event and how to start training again after a break and whether you should train in a fasted or fed state. Physical fitness is a key variable for immediate and long-term health. This episode provides a modifiable “foundational” template that can be adjusted based on your current fitness level, goals, time constraints, and access to different types of equipment.

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A potent physiological method to magnify and sustain soleus oxidative metabolism improves glucose and lipid regulation:
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00:00:00 Foundational Protocol for Fitness
00:03:35 Huberman Lab Premium
00:04:35 Tool: Soleus (Calf) Push-Ups, Glucose Utilization & Metabolism
00:14:42 InsideTracker, ROKA, Helix Sleep, Momentous Supplements
00:18:53 Core Principles of Fitness & Modifiable Variables
00:23:37 Day 1: Long Endurance Workout
00:34:38 Day 2: Leg Resistance Training, Strength & Hypertrophy
00:38:09 Key Principles of Resistance Training
00:49:57 Day 3: Heat & Cold Exposure, Recovery
00:59:22 Day 4: Torso & Neck Resistance Training
01:08:40 Day 5: Moderate Intensity Cardiovascular Training, Running Alternatives
01:15:28 Day 6: High-Intensity Interval Training, Maximum Heart Rate
01:22:56 Day 7: Arms, Neck & Calves Resistance Training
01:27:30 Flexibility of Foundational Protocol, Workout Spacing
01:31:49 Tool: Mind-Muscle Contraction, Physiological Sighs
01:35:57 Safety & Endurance/Cardiovascular Workouts
01:37:18 Tool: Stress or Poor Sleep & Workouts, Recovery & NSDR
01:40:04 Should You Train Fasted or Fed?
01:42:43 Tool: Static Stretching & Flexibility, Irradiation & Resistance Training
01:47:56 Tool: Hanging from a Bar & Fitness Metric
01:49:02 Should You Train Sick?, Ramping Training
01:52:19 Tool: Deliberate Slow Breathing & Recovery
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