Fitness YouTubers Ranked (BEST TO WORST!)

I think the question that has been asked the most of me during my time on YouTube is which YouTubers do I watch, myself? In this video, I am going to go over the list of the fitness YouTubers (and other YouTubers) that I like to watch in my free time. You might be surprised by some of the people that show up on this list and you may get a little more understanding of who Jeff Cavaliere is outside of ATHLEAN-X.

Before I kick off this list, I have to disclose that my viewing tastes are not limited just to fitness YouTubers. It may come as a shock that I have other interests as well! Music, motivation, and wrestling to name a few.

To kick off the list, I have start with someone who has a love and appreciation for science just like I do, and that is Andrew Huberman. A Stanford University researcher who has spent much of his time providing actionable and helpful advice that is all based in scientific reasoning. I find myself learning something new every video that he puts out.

A colleague in the medical field puts out videos where he breaks down high profile sports injuries almost immediately after they happen and offers insight into how and why they occurred and the steps that you, as a viewer, can take to avoid similar injuries. I think Brian Sutterer MD is an excellent resource for understanding injuries for athletes.

As you can probably tell, I love learning when I watch YouTube videos and I feel like I always have an opportunity to learn when I watch Bright Side. I also like to watch this channel with my sons because I feel like they are learning valuable information outside of the classroom in a fun, engaging style that also lets me learn a little something knew every now and then.

With a lot of YouTube fitness personalities focused on bringing you exercise tips and workouts, there leaves room for entertainment. I don’t think anyone in the YouTube fitness space is as hilarious or entertaining as Bro-Science Life. Dom Mazzetti has a way of making me laugh with every video that he puts out regardless of how outlandish the content is.

I find that the best form of motivation comes in the form of a kick in the ass from an in your face personality. I don’t think anybody fits that bill better than my friend CT Fletcher. Every time I need that little extra juice in the tank to get going through a workout, all I have to do is turn on one of CT’s videos and I find myself pushing that much harder.

While he doesn’t have a YouTube channel himself, it is hard to find a motivational video in the fitness space without hearing him speak. David Goggins is another master motivator that I turn to when I need some extra encouragement to get my head on straight for a workout. When a former Navy SEAL is telling you how to be “hard”, it’s tough not to listen!

When it comes to teaching, I have a lot of respect for people that can provide valuable, actionable information that just down right makes sense, especially when it comes to strength training. There are not many out there that do it better than the guys at EliteFTS, but specifically Swede Burns. I just find myself always taking away something new and gravitating towards his teaching style.

Back to entertainment, Harry Mack is someone that I find very engaging. I can’t help but get drawn in by his man-on-the-street approach to his videos, as well as his ability to freestyle using a random collection of words provided by video participants. Every single time I watch, I am impressed!

It’s hard to argue that the guest list that Joe Rogan has put together over the years isn’t impressive. The diversity of participants means that just about every episode you watch is going to have something new and fresh, with plenty to be learned. I love being exposed to new thoughts and ideas on interesting topics that I may not have considered without watching in the first place.

As someone who appreciates applied science, I can also appreciate the research that goes into it. I also appreciate when someone is able to read and break down that research for viewers to understand and I think that Jeff Nippard does a great job of this. Making the literature understandable for the viewer is highly valuable when it comes to YouTube fitness.

There are plenty more YouTube channels on this list that I watch which I cover in the video itself. Who is on your list for people to watch on YouTube? Leave a comment and let me know!

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