Japan's Culture – Fashion

Produced and Lectured by Takahiro Miyao(宮尾尊弘)
(MP4): http://www.econej.com/jculture/miyao/fashionE.MP4
(Japanese: 日本語): http://youtu.be/iUtJV7QUzj8
Summary: Japanese fashion, especially “kawaii” fashion, is attracting much attention from women of all ages in many countries, because it is a kind of blend of young girls’ sense of cuteness and Japan’s traditional culture of visual orientation with subtlety in color, design and coordination. Japanese fashion can co-exist and be complementary with the Western fashion which emphasizes adult-oriented assertiveness and sexy looks.
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Japan’s Culture Series(日本文化シリーズ)
#1 (English) Japan’s Manga Culture: http://youtu.be/QxhP5bjVzJc
— (Japanese) 日本のマンガ文化:http://youtu.be/8Wwc8WQ0IHU
#2 (English) Japan’s Popular Music: http://youtu.be/ffz-JDBt18g
— (Japanese) 日本のポピュラー音楽:http://youtu.be/RYrCBWogax4
#3 (English) Japanese Cinema: http://youtu.be/0XVqh2-P6yg
— (Japanese) 日本の映画:http://youtu.be/q2wPzwzglyQ
#4 (English) Japanese Fashion: http://youtu.be/zWm89-dTpcI
— (Japanese) 日本のファッション:http://youtu.be/iUtJV7QUzj8
#5 (English) Japanese Design: http://youtu.be/iMpe9jUZUvA
— (Japanese) 日本のデザイン:http://youtu.be/HkoAqAxgZeE
#6 (English) Japanese Social Behavior: http://youtu.be/nGW5VFPqKwo
— (Japanese) 日本人の社会行動:http://youtu.be/Rpk5wt5BWug
#7 (English) Japanese Family: http://youtu.be/lQhGqR83e4M
— (Japanese) 日本の家族:http://youtu.be/iatxQIxWHWc