Korean Air Airbus A330 overruns runway in Cebu

대한항공 여객기, 필리핀 세부 공항 활주로 이탈 사고…인명피해 없어

A Korean Air jet has overshot the runway while attempting to land at Cebu International Airport, in the Philippines on Sunday.
According to a statement released by the carrier,… the Airbus A-3-30 had already made two attempts to land amid poor weather conditions prior to the accident.
It added that there were no injuries to the 162 passengers or eleven crew on board.
According to the Aviation Herald,… which publishes reports of accidents and incidents in commercial aviation,… the aircraft received substantial damage including the collapse of the nose gear and penetration of the cockpit.

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2022-10-24, 09:00 (KST)