Lean Beef Patty – What I wish I knew as a fitness beginner: fitness tips, mindset, eating right

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Honestly there’s probably more but these are some personal standouts. You don’t have to take these to heart. Not every one will relate or benefit from them, this is just things I learned along my journey.



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Contents of this video
00:00 – Intro
00:33- you will always need to eat
02:37- don’t get too crazy with the workouts
03:20- full body wasn’t best
04:21- optimal workouts
04:55- do the workouts need to be long?
06:13- lean, mean, and not not having a good time
08:29- how you workout affects how your physique turns out
09:45- the “perfect” gym goer
11:29- awkward mini closing peptalk
12:17- closing
12:30- the end

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