My Evidence-Based Skincare Routine

So what is the perfect productive skincare routine? There are zillions of skincare products out there, from avocado face masks to LED therapy and snail-slime face creams. However, you can get 90% of the possible benefits with just 3 or 4 products, which I include in my Productive Skincare Routine. Enjoy 🙂 (Btw you can watch an ad-free version of this video on Nebula –

CeraVe PM Daily Facial Moisturiser:
CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser:
Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen Face Fluid:
Altruist Sunscreen SPF50:
Dermatica Retinoid:

Usama’s channel: @Dr. Usama Syed
Usama’s Instagram:
My full-length chat with Usama:

00:00 Intro
01:25 Rule 1 – Moisturize twice a day
03:10 Rule 2 – Use a sunscreen every day
06:58 Rule 3 – Use a retinoid
11:01 Rule 4 – Use a cleanser

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39 thoughts on “My Evidence-Based Skincare Routine

  1. i have hyperpigmintation after laser mole removal i am using new gel e and eucerin sun screen but still have pigmintation how long it takes to fade or i should do one more laser seassion to get rid of pigmintation

  2. Mental pat on the back for my recently being able to loosely lock in my skincare of moisturiser/sunscreen combo routine, and concrete future plans to maximum security that habit 😀 thanks for that extra boost of motivation to continue!

  3. The people that doesn't like how SPF 50 sunscreen feels (sticky, heavy etc) and look (white cast? ew) should be introduced to Japanese sunscreens. Those are the monarch of sunscreen.

  4. Yes! Finally, skincare explained without 'fluff-and-stuff" that actually has scientific backing but in an easy to digest format. This is something I feel I could actually share with ANYONE and not just fru-fru girly people. Thanks!

  5. Vanicream cleanser is the most gentle I have found for my highly sensitive & eczema/acne/fungal issue prone skin. Cereve broke me out really bad.

  6. Thank you so very much for the amazing video as always. I’ve been using Planet Ayurveda Glowing Skin Combo pack. it's amazing ?.. Thanks to Planet Ayurveda

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