Real Life Fashion Trends I Saw In Paris

Today I want to share the real life fashion trends I saw in Paris. This is what people are wearing in Paris and these fall and winter fashion trends seemed so wearable and hopefully they can give you some inspiration. Thanks so much for watching xx

Skirt: A few years old from Aritzia

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42 thoughts on “Real Life Fashion Trends I Saw In Paris

  1. I've worn Doc Martens for decades and I love them! The old classics, even high heel ones, I have pairs that must be 20 years old, but I can't do the chunky ones. Any chunky boots/shoes, especially if the sole is the same colour as the upper. I'm a 43EU/11US, and I end up looking like I'm wearing oversized clown boots!
    A bit sad about it 'cause I like the look on other people but I also tell myself that I'm saving money! ?

  2. The overwhelming feeling I get whenever Paris style is mentioned is uniformity. It was exactly the same when I lived there, a couple of decades ago, and whenever I visit. Women follow trends and the majority dress in a similar way, with very few colors. Everywhere, it's a sea of black, grey and denim, especially in winter, with cute hair styles and comfy shoes. That's Paris life for you, you have to be practical because you walk everywhere and you don't want your hair in the way because it gets caught in the metal railings on the subway (ask me how I know). I'm a French woman, but I really don't understand what all the fuss is about Paris style, to be honest. It has not really evolved in thirty years. Don't trust the street style pictures of celebs and fashion editors, these do not reflect the reality. Summer style is a bit better, as it allows for more colors. I live in Brittany, where the style is mostly comfortable and classic, with a bit more color (and a lot of Breton stripes, that's not a cliché) but nothing really fancy.

  3. So many fashion vloggers do not take lifestyle into consideration and take a one style fits all approach. A person who lives in a rural area, with a casual lifestyle, who vacations in the mountains, etc. does not need a wardrobe that is suitable for an urban or business lifestyle. That being said, everyone can learn fashion formulas that help you look good in even the most casual outfits.

  4. Most of the photos you use look like Instagram or Pintrest, as in quite posed and set. it would be cool to show real people out and about. hmm I think your video is " safe" but misses a few things I have seen : one major trend you don't mention and which is huge in Paris is upcycling- vintage, key designer pieces or quality items from any decade worked into an outfit; mixing dressy expensive items with casual; a fondness for Levi 501 jeans, even from the 90s; " baskets" or trainers, sure, but a variety from recycling vintage Adidas to modern chunky designer brands; colours, or black; long coats; redesigned vintage where people create something new; largely not afraid to express themselves through well made quality items mixed with fun items ( coloured faux fur), and mixed gender wear. Shoes, good shoes, and bags, but not like these photos you show, the super rich influencer stuff for posing. well I could go on..but it's not my video. Thank goodness not much athleticliesure( Lululemon) wear, that's for tourists?

  5. ?this is pachuco fashion an American Indian fashion from Mexico and USA west south natives from the 40's !!! once again the world catching up with us the savages is what they call us yet 75% the food consume today are American Indian contributions and so many medical advances too like brain cirugy etc ! once again American Indian contributions are dismissed due to ignorance.

  6. Oh dear, unfortunately ,these styles don't work for my hour glass figure, a more tailored pant around the feet is more flattering and then the chunky shoes not so feminine. Of course ,if I were 30 years younger Id do it .lol Now I work with what makes me look good not what is trending.


  7. I love wide leg pants but have not worn them as much in recent years because I do think that you have to be mindful of the length and what shoes you will wear them with. If it’s wet outside the bottoms of pants can act as wicks. If they are very wide skinnier heels can get caught up in them.

  8. Have Docs ever really gone out of style? Not in NYC! ? Loving lug soles on an overall sleeker silhouette for a tall boot this season. I invested in 2 pairs and could've bought more if the budget allowed for them … so many choices! (Spoiled for choice is never a bad thing, right?) Thanks for this video.

  9. Hi I live in Paris and just in case anyone is wondering about what bags French girls are really carrying in Paris I suggest this little list: nat&nin, Valet de Pique, Polene, Lancaster, The Kooples and sometimes Isabel Marant. Occasionally at the more affluent end I see some Coach, Longchamp, Celine, Chloe, Gucci and Chanel. But honestly, they're quite rare. The people referenced in this video are mostly really rich influencers. You don't see many Birkins and Kellys at all, no.

  10. It seems a bit funny to me – personal style and jeans and sneakers. I can see it everywhere and everyday. And yeap, I do not live in Europe. And there are also these complains "oh, I'm so tired of jeans and sneakers" but still wear them because it's easy and you don't have to actually style them. So for me it's kind of the opposite of personal style

  11. I was in Paris last week and I agree with all your observations. Thank you for the fun summary. I came home with some great wide leg jeans from Rouje and Sezane. It’s really fun to try out this new silhouette. It opens a lot of new wardrobe inspiration. Fragrance was one of the things I noticed. So many beautiful scents on the street. I came home with a lovely discovery set from L’Atelier Parfumeur ❤

  12. Thank you. It was good to see plaited (braided?) hair in some of the images. It's a style I use often because of living by the sea, which means it's frequently windy and my hair needs to be kept out of my face. It's also a great style if your hair has a variety of tones in it.

  13. Great video, thank you, I love all the examples you gave of the different trends, the cobalt blue jumper/sweater looks great on you, I love this colour in all seasons

  14. Vintage style – 90s! I really am getting old. I had to stop and calculate….where the hell did the last 30+ years go? Also big yeah to DMs. Had a hip replacement 2 years ago and I cannot wear heels any more. I am now 'Paris fit'!

  15. More videos on these real-life trends, please! We're so used to seeing fashion based on what influencers wear online, and most often they're not applicable to our reality (and they always wear new clothes so it seems like they almost have no personal style at all). It's so refreshing and grounding in a way to see what people actually wear in real life.

  16. Doc martens are in the metro Detroit Area. They are cute , however Due to hip issues, I wear moccasins barefoot shoes . These doc martens bring back memories in the 90s, my ankle black doc martens. Thank you for inviting and interesting fashion insights. I can tell you have a handle on what colors that bring your natural coloring.

  17. I can remember when every "how to pack for Europe so you don't look like a tourist" video had "don't wear sneakers!" at the very top of the list.

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