Shopping in a HIDDEN Toys R Us for Pokemon Cards!

We went shopping in a HIDDEN Toys R Us location at a shopping mall searching for Pokemon cards! Not a lot of people know about these new Toys R Us stores inside of Macy’s. Opening Pokemon cards we found including tins, collection boxes, and elite trainer boxes. Will the Toys R Us Pokemon cards be lucky?
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Hey I’m RealBreakingNate and I simply love to spread positivity through my Pokemon videos as I do a Pokemon opening with Pokemon cards, share my collection and my day to day life with you all. When you are on this Pokemon channel I always encourage you all to be yourself. Lets enjoy life!

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27 thoughts on “Shopping in a HIDDEN Toys R Us for Pokemon Cards!

  1. I feel like most people don't talk about it cause it's sadly not that much in other stores and sometimes it has barely anything interesting to ages like 8+ it's sad it's not the same

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