The BEST Men's Skin Care Routine

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? CeraVe Foaming Cleanser*:

⚓ La Roche Posay Toleraine Purifying Cleanser*:

? YTTP Kale + Green Tea Cleanser*:


? Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliant*:

☂️ Bliss Clear Genius Liquid Peel*:

? Versed Just Breathe Serum*:


? Rovectin Clean Water Cream*:

? Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel Cream*:

? YTTP Adaptogen Moisture Cream*:


? SunBum Tinted SPF 30*:

? Versed Guards Up SPF 35*:


Skin Care 101 Series:

How to Cleanse Your Face:

How to Exfoliate:

How to Moisturize:

How to Use a Sunscreen:

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35 thoughts on “The BEST Men's Skin Care Routine

  1. Ok so between the cleanser, moisturizer, treatment, and sunscreen – which ones do I apply in the morning and which ones at night and in which order?

  2. Hey idk if people still react in the comments but should i apply all of these listed products 2x a day or some of them only at day/night ?, also how much do i apply of the 4 listed things. Feel free to react even if my comment also gets old 🙂

  3. Great video for a 51 year old beginner like me!
    I'm a straight guy but I'd much prefer the advice from a gay guy regarding skin care, as they always look their best. Thanks Hyram.
    Love from Ireland.

  4. Can somebody explain the steps? The order?

    Like I get out of the shower in the morning then what’s the 1st thing I do? The 2nd? The 3rd? Then sunscreen?

    How long does this routine usually take?

  5. What if it caused my skin to break out EVEN MORE?? like alot alot. Before my acne and break out was rare and not very seen 1 or 2 pimp and stuff but now its like crazy BUMPS EVERYWHERE ??

  6. So no retinol at all? I cant get my head round this, almost all videos say retinol is the best thing ever, then a couple dont mention it in their routine, do you use it with the paulas choice or is that really bad. Im clueless, but im slowly starting

  7. Hey Hyram. I’ve seen this video and purchased cera ve cleanser, versed serum and c’era ve moisturizer! On the day 1 itself, it worked like a miracle!

    I trust you now and requesting you to please make a video for some hair removal foam or cream for body and private parts please!! And the tips to use. Thanks.

  8. Why do men find it necessary to say they are heterosexual?
    Maybe I should start posting and telling everybody I’m bisexual.
    I also wear make-up – it’s invisible and it makes my skin look fantastic.

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