The Evolution of 70s Hairstyles: A Look Back in Time

The Evolution of 70s Hairstyles: A Look Back in Time


The 1970s was an era of vibrant cultural shifts and self-expression. The fashion trends and hairstyles of this time period reflected the spirit of rebellion and individuality. The hairstyles from this decade have proved to be iconic and have left a lasting impact on the world of fashion. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane and explore the evolution of 70s hairstyles, showcasing the diversity and creativity that defined this era.

1. The Shaggy and Free-spirited Look:

During the early 70s, there was a departure from the more structured hairstyles of the 60s. The shag hairstyle gained immense popularity, characterized by its layered and tousled appearance. Celebrities like Jane Fonda and Farrah Fawcett embraced this effortlessly chic look with their voluminous, feathered hair. The shag hairstyle embodied the carefree nature of the era and provided individuals with a sense of liberation.

2. The Afro and Natural Hair Movement:

The 70s also witnessed a significant resurgence of embracing natural hair textures. The Afro hairstyle became a powerful symbol of Black pride and identity during this time. It represented a rejection of societal beauty standards and embraced natural features. This movement saw men and women proudly sporting voluminous Afros, showcasing their cultural heritage and breaking racial barriers. Icons like Angela Davis and Jimi Hendrix influenced the popularity of this hairstyle, further fueling the natural hair movement.

3. The Glam and Hippy Vibes:

As the 70s progressed, a glamorous and bohemian style gained prominence. Inspired by the hippie culture, people began experimenting with long, loose waves and center parts. This effortlessly stylish look was often accompanied by hair accessories such as headbands, flowers, and feathers. Women embraced their femininity and individuality, often adorning braids, beaded hairpieces, and even temporary dreadlocks. This era celebrated freedom of expression and embraced unconventional beauty aesthetics.

4. The Rise of Rock and Punk:

The rebellious spirit of rock music and punk culture also influenced the hairstyles of the 70s. Artists like David Bowie and The Ramones sported bold and edgy hairstyles that matched their music and overall style. Asymmetrical cuts, bold colors, and wild spikes became the norm for those looking to make a statement. This era ushered in a new wave of creativity and non-conformity, inspiring generations to come.


Q: How was hairstyling different in the 70s compared to previous decades?

A: The 70s were characterized by a departure from the structured and controlled hairstyles of previous decades. Individuals embraced a more carefree and natural approach, opting for looser and tousled looks.

Q: Which celebrities influenced 70s hairstyles the most?

A: Celebrities such as Farrah Fawcett, Jane Fonda, Diana Ross, and David Bowie had a significant influence on hairstyles from this era. Their iconic looks paved the way for new trends and became an integral part of pop culture.

Q: Were men’s hairstyles as diverse as women’s during the 70s?

A: Absolutely! The 70s saw men embrace longer hairstyles, often sporting shaggy or braided looks. From the classic hippie aesthetic to the edgier punk styles, men had just as many options for self-expression as women did.

Q: Are there any 70s hairstyles that are still popular today?

A: Yes, several 70s hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years. The shag haircut, bohemian waves, and the Afro continue to inspire modern hairstyles. Retro-inspired looks have gained popularity as millennials and Gen Z embrace the fashion and trends from previous decades.


The 1970s was an era of immense cultural shifts and self-expression, and hairstyles of this time period reflected this beautifully. The shag, Afro, glam, and punk hairstyles provided individuals with a multitude of options to embrace their uniqueness and rebel against societal norms. Even years later, we can still find elements of 70s hairstyles making a comeback in modern fashion. The hairstyles from this era truly showcase the enduring legacy of the 70s and its impact on the world of fashion.