The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show

The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2022-23 fashion show offers an escape into dreams and creativity. Sophisticated, elongated jackets are adorned with embroidery; trousers embrace curvilinear shapes to then tighten at the ankle; long strapless dresses are gleaming and almost weightless. Optical motifs on day suits are broken up by splashes of bright colour that ignite the palette of whites, blacks and blues with hints of intense blues and pinks. The light refracted by the embroidery takes over in a persistent magical movement that sends a message of pure feminine energy.


23 thoughts on “The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show

  1. Коллекция очень красивая. Но… Эти сутулые девочки ходят в таких неустойчивых туфлях. Не продумано как-то. Модно, но неудобно.

  2. Изысканная, высокая, грандиозная, тончайшая, вечная красота! Армани не изменяет себе, своему вкусу и видению прекрасного, ОН 1000000 раз прав!Спасибо Джорджио Армани ?долгих Вам лет жизни, здоровья и творчества, красота не сомненно спасёт мир

  3. This is one of the most beautiful collections I've seen this year (watched it twice). Pleats are rarely flattering on anyone wearing a larger size than 6, but Armani might just bring them back single-handedly. Every single piece was gorgeous.
    ……..And can we talk about the beautiful trousers paired with a sheer skirt?…OMG

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