The Most Complete Portable Fitness Equipment – KO8

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your KO8? 

There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can perform with your KO8, using 3 modalites. 

Suspension – This is the go to for all bodyweight movements using your own bodyweight as the point of resistance. You can dictate the difficulty level by lifting more or less of your weight. As you get stronger you simply change the angle to make it harder.

Resistance – Using the resistance mode you can now complete virtually every exercise that you would be able to perform in the gym. With adjustable resistance bands you can go from 6 – 72kg (13-156lbs) in seconds.

Athlete (Harness) – You can use Athlete mode to perform complex movements like bear crawls and broad jumps, or you can use it to aid you in by giving you extra assistance with exercises like push ups.

We’re all BORN to MOVE just let us help you move BETTER!

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