these fashion trends should NEVER come back (apparently)

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Today we are taking a look at an article from May 2020 that was titled “these fashion trends should never come back” and I would say 90% HAVE come back! This is just all lighthearted, but I did want to give a little bit of my opinion on all these trends and if I think they’ve already come back.

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00:00 Intro
01:38 Belly Chains
03:05 Crochet
04:05 Scandalous Halters
04:34 Bootcut Jeans
05:24 Crushed Velvet
06:07 Camo Pattern
06:31 Arm Warmers
07:01 Suit Vests
07:55 Pleather Chaps
08:22 Corsets
09:09 Cropped Pinstripe Pants
09:27 Embellished Denim Skirts
09:57 Embellished Low Rise Jeans
10:28 Visible Underwear
10:49 Ed Hardy
11:26 Denim Whiskers
11:38 Massive Belts
12:06 Velvet Chokers
12:26 Cardigans as Tops
12:38 Leather Trench Coat
13:07 Low Rise Jeans
13:53 Peasant Maxi Skirts
14:19 Oversized Button Ups
14:37 Newsboy Hats
14:52 Dresses over Pants
15:24 Pedal Pushers
15:40 Dresses over Pedal Pushers
15:47 Head to toe leather
16:00 Platform Sneakers
16:29 Skinny Scarfs
17:01 Fringe
17:10 Neck Ties
17:21 Peep Toe Boots
17:45 Overalls
18:21 Trucker Hats
18:40 Uggs
19:19 Visors
19:26 Argyle Sweaters
19:54 Clear Plastic Clothing
20:02 Wedge Sneakers
20:51 Sleeveless Vests
21:30 Outro
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25 thoughts on “these fashion trends should NEVER come back (apparently)

  1. I sell many of these trends at the shop i work at, which is a french luxury brand lmao
    The author of this article must be having a stroke rn

  2. I'm 5ft and a pear shape… I only wear flared and bootcut jeans because it balances me out. Baggy jeans look horrendous on me and being 49 I honestly don't care about Jean fashions because I rock my style ❤️❤️?

  3. Velvet and burnt velvet are everything to me. Also that Sarah Michelle gellar dress is one of my favorites! She is my biggest style icon.

  4. Hey Alexa I’m not sure what area of socal you are from but there is a thrift store called Melrose vintage in uptown Whittier and I was there the other day and they had quite a few pairs of overalls and I also think you would just really like the store it’s more of a pricey thrift because it is a curated shop but they have tons of levis and Harley t shirts Disney tees and all kinds of vintage finds

  5. I don't think there is anything trendy anymore. This is the age of wear what you like. I miss trends but I have to say our current fashion culture is definitely the best as people can be individuals and let their clothes reflect who they are.

  6. I personally hate low rise jeans because growing up in high school that’s all the stores would sell, & being plus size, it just makes me look like I have a consistent muffin top- they don’t stay up and whenever I bend over it’s like a plumbers scene!! But that doesn’t mean that other people don’t make them work! Wear what makes you happy.

  7. Love how positive your channel is! I think trends are largely perpetuated by clothing companies who have all too much to gain from us throwing out our clothes every year to buy what’s “hot” at the moment. I really appreciate how you talk about these styles, and how even if they’re not for you, you think other people can make them work and look great.

  8. I love your approach to trends, you highlight the importance of just dressing in things that feel right for you. It's the right way to look at fashion as far as I'm concerned. Subbed ❤️

  9. As a 90s high schooler, it’s funny to see 70s revival revival. The 70s were the big decade when I was in school so I see those copy cat clothes all the time now and it’s funny !
    But honestly, I’ve NEVER seen such a drive towards nostalgia in my entire life. It mush have something to do with “thrifting.” Now a verb.. incredible!
    Lol! Ed Hardy! From 17 Again: “You look bedazzled!”
    “I saw Kevin Federline wearing this EXACT same shirt!”
    That’s a great movie! ?

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