tiktok is kind of bad for fashion

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41 thoughts on “tiktok is kind of bad for fashion

  1. Do you understand that in production of fast fashion involved a lot of people? You are talking that these jobs have bad work conditions. Perhaps. But people choose to work there because apparently, it's the best workplace they can have. If you close it (which you suggest by consuming less), those people will have to find jobs that pay even less or have even worse conditions, or just be unemployed.

    And it is all for the environment. This argument is so backwards now.
    Back in the day, it was "we need to protect the environment because bad environment harms people". Now the second part is completely forgotten.
    Not it's "we need to protect the environment" even if it harms people.

    You suggest buying a more expensive close (say 300$) instead of a cheap one. Great and now chic already middle-class people will have the money instead of still poor working people often from developing countries. But hey, there will be less trash in a trash field, and making poor people even poorer is definitely worth it.

  2. Buy good quality items that aren’t super trendy now that will last you a long time with proper care. Wear them for years. That’s really the best way to be sustainable long term.

  3. We should all learn to sew for 3 reasons:
    1. Mend your clothes
    2. See how much work goes into making clothes
    3. Understand good and bad materials and techniques

  4. Id love People to start praising STYLE instead of TREND. And also – buying used or new things but those who will last years, Not months. Thats something i live by

  5. As a muslim women I have to dress modestly so I never really cared about these trends and and ngl I am pretty thankful. Btw I am not trying to offend anybody

  6. Some cities have co ops with free sections which I think is probably better than thrift shops who also throw away most of their donations … also in the Northwest idk if it’s still done but Burlington takes donated Coats because of the weather … so just generally it would be interesting if there was free clothing centers

  7. This subject gets me so frustrated ? like.. imma wear what I LIKE and I don't give a shit if it's last month or last year, could even be last century IIIIIIIIII LIKE IT and I don't give a shit about anyone's opinion ._.

  8. Reminds me of Trisha Paytas promoting some underwear brand and casualy saying she byes (not sur how to spell this sry im french) some every week and throws away the dirty one…

  9. TikTok is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and young people are dvmb…Young people like that makes the rest of us look bad.

    Just know you suck mega @ss you wasteful, contributions to landfills, and, the destruction of earth ? ungrateful degenerates…

  10. it's like telling an artist that their commissions are overpriced…

    "So do you want me to under sale myself to you, so you can afford it? I think tf NOT."

    People expect brand names to under sale. I mean, clothes are a necessity like shoes and food but having BRAND NAME is NOT…that's a lifestyle my guy. and again…YES, THEY ARE…Just admit that you're trying to live ABOVE your means ?see #LIFESTYLE

  11. Thrift stores have great clothes for less. I see SHEIN on thrift store racks these days. You can still dress cute for less and do good for the environment. Buying second hand is not bad!

  12. Have zero socials. Always felt bad for myself for missing out on contemporary culture. Until recently. I realized i have an enjoyable life offline so even iand not flashing it online is not really missing out.

  13. Umm 81lb of fashion in one year? One person?? Idts. Maybe people who dont repeat their clothes but this number seems incredibly inaccurate

  14. I tried thrifting, but as someone with an interesting size (short and overweight) I've re-donated 80% of the items back because they just weren't fitting right. I think if my body type fit the "average American woman" I would have more options but with sustainable options being so limited, I have to resort to fast fashion most of the time to find clothes that actually fit me. It's almost like a matter of winning the statistics game trying to find clothes that fit: the greater the supply the greater my chances are of actually finding something.

  15. The realization that different people have absolutely different opinions on what to do with their clothes.. I gotta be honest, I've never really thought about the negative impact on nature, but it's 'cause I don't know what happens to my old clothes after I give them away to charity, somehow it became a norm for me that when you know you are not going to wear this – you give it to other people, I've never ever considered throwing away my clothes, I feel bad for doing so :"D But not because of the negative impact on nature, rather..it feels like a waste I guess.. Maybe I have this sort of a rule set in my head because of my mum who is a tailor and I watched her sewing dozens of times so I know that it's a ton of work to make only one piece of clothing. I cherish every skirtdressetc I have, so knowing that some people don't give a shit because all they think about is popularity in the social media they can get thanks to the global obsession with fashion.. All this just doesn't make any sense for me

  16. My mums side of the family has a ‘clothing circle’ where all the girls (my mum, her two sisters, me and eventually my two cousins) just send each other clothes that don’t fit.
    After I graduate I’m going to learn to sew to make everything last longer.

  17. The truth that there are numerous people who can't afford to "throw away " clothes just because it's not new anymore. Maby Americans got too high salary though they could buy tonnes of items and just throw them away every 2 weeks? Plastic bag is more ecological than paper one, IF in condition that You would not buy new every time, and use one you already have. Crazy thought, huh?

  18. as literally a broke person thrifting doesn't work with us when literally all the rich white girls hop onto that just for their "y2k" era

  19. tiktok, shein, all bad, while western brands and social media good! LOL. The double standard and hypocrisy is so racist, coming from America wanting to dominate and exploit the world without any competition.

  20. Who would TROW away clothes in good condition, like this doesn't get into my mind, wherever my old shorts (my shirts usually get torn out easily and i still use some old ones that are in good condition) don't fit me anymore it goes to any family member that can wear those

  21. girl in my class had a go at me for not wearing "cool shoes" and i was just like- "both our feet are covered, the only difference is you're spending more money get over yourself"

  22. It's so crazy to me that people actually spend that much on clothes especially just to toss it out. I think I buy new clothes just here and there as my old clothes get holy and turn into rags ? not to shit on people who dont do that but holy moly

  23. SOLUTION: get off tik tok, actually social media in general and stop caring what everyone else thinks and just be you. I swear, your quality of life will go up significantly.

  24. I have had clothes for years and am only NOW this year and a bit last year buying clothes because my wardrobe (im a girl) is small because i never cared about it but now that i have become an adult i realise just how limited my choices are. I rarely throw away things and when i dont need them i give them to other people. I hate wasting clothes to where most clothes are for working out or lounging

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