Why Do Fashion Trends Look Ugly After 2 Years?

Fashion trends like Gucci belts, Foamposites, and Balenciaga Triple S sneakers tend to lose their shine very quickly, why is that? We tackle fashion trends in 2022 and talk about why you should just ignore them.

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47 thoughts on “Why Do Fashion Trends Look Ugly After 2 Years?

  1. I think most of that fashion was ugly to begin with, but the hype surrounding it at the time lured trend driven consumers who bought into it. It's generally never a good idea to buy things on trend. Fashion is about creating your own style not following someone else's …… ?

  2. Im not even into fasion beyond styling (picking my own outfits in things my style or helping style a friend) but i wish i was so i could watch your content, youve got a dope camera personality!

  3. They always were ugly. ? (Unless you sacrosanct liked the trend.) I also love how he imitates the question robot voice.

  4. Fashion critics on you tube made me realize fashion is not just something superficial for airheads and dumb people, and that there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just a late adopter in regards to trends, and not all fashion advice is good for everyone, and it is okay not to like currently popular colours or cuts, and to be unusual looking for some time because everything is cyclical any way
    So definitely a positive influence on me

  5. Listened to this guy for like 15 seconds and ny brain went “positive energy, do subscribe, more of this”
    I usually get trends when they are already out of trend. It takes me some time to determine if something will be useful or not – also I hate shopping, my average clothing item age is probably 8 yrs ?

  6. I must admit, I love the current school girl trend of loafers, slouchy white socks, plaid skirts and bowties; it reminds me of the 00s kogal style from Japan I had always wanted to sport. While I did go to a uniformed school in those days, I was heavily bullied and did not have the courage to deviate from popular trends, so as not to attract more ridicule. We had some choice in accessorizing our uniforms, and the popular choice consisted of low cut/hidden socks, low profile tennis shoes, hoop earrings and no bowties unless forced to by staff when going to mass/church. Though I'm way beyond my school age years now, I'm finally free to dress kogal without social rejection and it feels great! Trends helped make that happen. <3

  7. I love how down to earth you are and the clarity you provide for fashion. The movie example of how they will only make a few movies vs fashion output being higher in quantity so they're not as thoughtful with it generally -was really good.

  8. I don't remember the last time I was this mesmerized by a youtube video, the way you talked about fashion and clothes being art is breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opinions in a fun, interesting and engaging way.

  9. What will make you a better artist is pushing your art til you find what works. This is painful for some. Pushing through that pain is where success lies. Most can’t do it.

  10. Yeah horrendous most of the time cause they are out of their mind ! Let’s break from trend , fashion, and let’s build something beautiful like Elie Saab

  11. I love what you said about trends and I could not agree more. I prefer to buy really well made items of high quality material that I absolutely love. I have a test. When I first try on the item, I usually don’t buy it. If I go home and I’m still thinking about it for two days after, then I know I need it. This is why I can still wear items that I bought 15 yrs ago because I truly love them. I do fast fashion. I’ve also noticed that much of the material and construction on my older garments is far better than the stuff in stores now. For example, I went to LV the other day and looked at their clothing for the first time in years. I was shocked at the decline in quality. I saw a women’s suit jacket that actually had puckering at the shoulder seam. Unacceptable at that price point. The material on the wool coats was nowhere near the caliber of wool that I remember them having.

  12. I only indulge in trends if I personally like them and they look good on me. I have a ton of skater skirts because I love how they sit on my body and I don't care if someone else hates them now and consider them overplayed or whatever. I feel and look good in them, so I wear them. Because they're hard to find now, I have taken to sewing my own.

    I make a lot of my own clothes though, because trends rarely work for me. I am into circle skirts and 50's silhouettes, so the current trends don't really do anything for me. Hated 90s and early 00s stuff the first time around, since 80s, 70s and 60s stuff doesn't flatter my frame and I just don't like it, so I won't be buying anything that is reminiscent of stuff I thought was hideous last time through – like square toe shoes and mom jeans. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not today, not yesterday, not ever. It's a no for me.

  13. Love your commentary, always insightful and intelligent. I agree about trends. Personally, I can’t stand logos and monograms, refuse to wear them. I like pieces with either great functionality or lyrical artistic fluidity, meaning that it moves and it speaks, like your tunic.

    Forgive me, (interior designer here, used to be a fashion designer and had my own company) but I want to push the antique sofa away from the stair entry, toward the side wall, next to a tall Victorian floor lamp, with either a painting or antique mirror over it on the stair wall, with a small carved end table beside it, near the stair entry on the opposite side of the floor lamp. Love the room, but that’s needling me, ?

  14. Instead of increasing your suffering, increase your attention to the world around you. See how those observations can be expressed through your art.

  15. To this day, I'm the only one in my usual circle who's style has remained consistent, simply because I do what I want to do and no one tells me what to do. That, and I never wore red shoes. Always thought they looked stupid.

  16. And why is your work incredible? Because as you mentioned, despite the fact that I can see at a new look pretty much as soon as it hits the runway, your perspective broadens my understanding and instills in me greater appreciation for the creative process including the various inspirations… stuff I would likely never become aware of or consider on my own

  17. Thank you for justifying me being happy making my own weird designs. I'm not a fashion designer, I'm a web designer, but I love sewing and designing my own clothes. I'm currently trying to design something to wear to my wedding, and I tend to have some unique staple elements in most of my designs and that makes it easy to take patterns I already made and reuse them and adapt them for slightly different looks or materials. I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine and serger, and it's a lot of fun learning how to make things. The two things I like the most about making my own stuff is that I can make things that fit (I have some odd proportions due to a genetic condition) and I don't have to be limited by whatever is trendy, I can make things I like that I'll continue to wear year after year. My favourite pants to wear in summer have lasted me 4 years, and the fabric is quite thin so I need to make a new pair or fix the old ones, but it doesn't go out of style since it never really was in style. At least not in Canada, I based the pattern off something I bought in St Thomas on a vacation.

  18. Ooo it bugs me that you quoted Hamilton as Dua Lipa. I am in love with ur shiny natural hair, so I forgive u. It reminds me of my mother’s hair. Natural and fluffy. Trust

    I think all aspects of commercial life, including clothing, is becoming so cheap that they’re temporary. When it’s time to replace, our short attention span and desire to look newest compels us to grab whatever options are the latest. They don’t have to be pretty or even fit right, they just gotta be the latest.

    FYI Estée Lauder is spending almost all of its ad money on sponsorships for influencers. Ya know they kinda monopolize US makeup. To me, this translates as, “We dgaf if ya like it. If u just buy one, that’s all we need.” It’s the same with clothes. If a popular influencer totes a red bra, everywhere will sell all but the red online. It’s almost always available in store though. If we keep choosing clout over quality, it won’t just be our attention span that shrinks. It’ll also be our banks and we’ll have nothing to show for it cause each piece dies after 3-6mos of hand-washing.

  19. On suffering and art, I think emotional expression is one of the main purposes of art, and emotional intelligence and free expression of emotion are things that tend to help people get less depressed.

    The best emo albums are always followed by an equally great album about getting better and being happier. Hotelier, Kara’s Walk Home, Prince Daddy and the Hyena, and Carly Cosgrove are some examples.

    If you think you need to suffer to make art with substance, you definitely already have some stuff to reflect on and perhaps express through art.

  20. I literally never follow trends. I see everyone around me wearing oversized clothes with air forces and I’m just here wearing comfy classy shit that makes me happy. ??

  21. Bro I swear I comment on YouTube like twice a year ? you make me laugh a lot man, with your humour – then I admire your knowledge and how eloquently you share your non-biased thoughts ? I swear dude, maximum respect for your entertainment ??

  22. Some of my favorite pieces of music I have ever written came from channeling deep depression or traumatic events. I sometimes miss the creative drive that was sparked by that sorrowful fuel — but I am much happier not needing to frequently channel my emotions in such a way. Suffering can influence art greatly, but ffs please do not force yourself to suffer. That is unhinged.

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