Your body is NOT a fashion trend | ELSM S1 Ep1

Hey! Welcome to Ezii Like Sunday Morning, a podcast that attempts to bring new perspective into everyday conversations already happening within your circle of friends. In today’s episode I speak with @somebileo , a beauty enthusiast, visual creative, and youtuber on a rise within her industry. She is also my sweet sister and today we are discussing the subject of body trends, BBLs and body insecurities we have each faced. Full episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & Anchor.

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“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Songs‬ ‭4:7‬)


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33 thoughts on “Your body is NOT a fashion trend | ELSM S1 Ep1

  1. Hello Ezinne, I loved how you asked whether we dressed to get attention or not – which really is something that has been affecting my peers and I for some time, it's good to ask yourself this, it reveals the motives in our hearts.

    I'm curious on what you think on exercising to remove hip dips, I'm sorry if this is too much but there has been a trend lately to remove them to feel and look good or is it a matter of what the Holy Spirit says or convicts someone of?

  2. I've actually struggled with the way I look for the longest time and it got worse when people started body shaming me,but now I have actually come to accept my body the way it is,because that is how I was created and I shouldn't let peoples words get the best of me.

  3. I love every bit of this conversation. There’s a kind of unity God teaches us that doesn’t look like sameness. Where individualism remains a priceless factor even as a body.
    I’m so grateful honest conversations like this are available whenever someone starts to turn a new leaf.

    Thank you Ezinne❤

  4. My own is that I’m very short so my friends and family always make fun of me, my friends look down on me and act very condescending because I’m not tall and curvy like they are, they even use it to make fun of me and I don’t even get suitors, a beautiful young lady like me but still I barely attract good, reasonable men, when I do get attention it’s from lowlives ? it’s so frustrating tbh

  5. Yeah I loved this podcast. Let me not forget to add it really takes the Holy Spirit's help to undo the worrying about your shape, desiring other's own and comparing yourself to others. That mindset of "I wish my body…" is a phrase that no longer exists in my mind. I admire what others have, while being absolutely grateful to God for what I am, bc variety highlights the beauty of God.
    So the Holy Spirit is there to help, cry out to Him?.

  6. Body dysmorphia is real and It isn’t spoken about well enough because when someone gives room to express their discomfort towards their body, a lot of people just shut them out unintentionally by saying “you’re beautiful the way you are”. While that statement is true, it still doesn’t tackle the insecurity. I strongly believe when someone struggles with insecurities as in relation to their body, room should be made to converse about it THEN build on the broken mindset.

  7. Please could we get the site you checked your body type from? Another thing is, atimes you could be confident with your looks only for people including fellow ladies, church guys, to make you feel you aren't beautiful because you dont look a certain way. They sow evil seeds. God is helping us.

  8. What I find funny is the fact that my own experience is the opposite??? it seemed like all the clothes I bought for myself, which I stopped wearing because I was convinced that I bought rubbish because they didn't fit, were actually made for my younger sister. I'd see her rock these clothes and look really good and I'm like, thus thing that I wanted to throw away or only wear inside the house???? it was really funny

  9. This was a really chill convo, Ezi! I struggled with bodily confidence from a very young age, partly because of the way my mum used to comment on my body. I then was teased a bit for not having a big bust and bum while in high school. I desired it. Now, I understand that my body shape will be in seasons. I love my slim frame (plus the small hips I got) and especially when I know things like childbirth and age will take this flat stomach away one day, I cherish these moments and years even more. I wish everyone could come to this body positivity – however I understand I probably had it more easy on this path because I am slim and my type of body is usually more "desirable" and "socially acceptable" than some other body shapes.

  10. Just like you said, I think the media has a huge role to play in stigmatising ladies with the "imperfect" body type. The truth is that trend changes as time goes by. Being skinny used to be "perfect" now it's being curvy. I have body shamed myself probably more than i have sneezed in this life?. But I thank God that mindset is changing gradually. Thank you Ezinne Zara for this podcast, it is really timely. I look forward to more of this?.
    P.S.: I must say that Somebi is a complete vibe?

  11. I'm happy for you Ezinne, so happy. You thought this was going to be a regular podcast but God is already blowing your mind. Congratulations now and congratulations in advance❤❤.

  12. I love this video!❤
    I just learned from it that the media is a variable but God is constant. God gave me this body and called me 'FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE' so settling for what the media portrays is a waste of time because their opinions keep changing. Thank you so much Somebi and Ezinne you both are amazing!❤

  13. Omo. This body conversation…my biggest issue has always been looking like a child. I would look at pictures of friends I went to secondary school with and how 'grown' they look and compare that with how I look basically like I did when I left secondary school (in my head anyways). It's still something I struggle with but God is helping me. So lovely to hear you two talk about it ?

    And btw Ezinne you're so right about the K-pop fashion thing. Korean fashion is being seriously marketed rn. The media eh

  14. Wow! Wow! And, just wowwwwwwwww???????.

    I just finish listening to the full episode podcast, and I'm more excited.

    I love the fact that you and Sommie respect each other's view, your genuiness, the vulnerability, Kai!???? the atmosphere again is so real, and free looks more like I'm relating with someone whom we share same values, and ideas???

    God bless you more more, and more, in Jesus name.

    Much love for you both???♥️. Thank you so much.

    Ps; Sister Ezinne, I hope you didn't choke Sommie with questions off the camera ?? like you promised to continue??? Lol. Be

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