Zimbabwean Culture Fashion – ZimXcite Apparel

??ZimXcite is a brand new ‘culture fashion’ label. We have some fun interactive t-shirt designs with slogans to help promote international togetherness by sharing Zimbabwean-inspired humour, trivia and culture ?

?Tag or share us with your Zimbabwean friends across the globe and remember to subscribe to this ZimXcite channel so you can share your favourite Zim lingo with us and be in the running to win cool prizes that you’ll be proud to wear, whether from Zimbabwe or anywhere else in the world ??
?Celebrating the diverse culture of Zimbabwe and its people all over the world.

???Celebrating the diverse culture of Zimbabwe and its people across the globe.

? Invite your Zim friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel and do join in the fun.

?T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and more available now…

?Music – ‘Afro Pop Groove Instrumental’ by Ryan Koriya

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