MAGiC FASHiON SHOW!! Adley designs Barbie clothes with Mom for the new Fashion Planet runway!

NEW fashion designs brought to life with our MAGiC MACHiNE!! ✨
This is an #ad for Mattel.
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HEY EVERYBODY!! Mom just called me and she said that the Barbie Fashion Planet Fashion Show is TOMORROW! and we haven’t designed any outfits yet! She told me to meet her in our design studio so we could get to work. On my way to our studio I had to collect all of the markers and fashion papers that mom had lost! Niko set up a trap so I had to finish his obstacle course to find them all! When I got to the studio Me and Mom got right to creating some of our favorite clothing concepts! Once we were done coloring one, we put it in the MAGiC FASHiON MACHINE! Our magic machine takes any design that we make on paper and turns them into real clothes! We had a lot of drawing to do, so me and mom worked together to get it done as fast as we could! When we finished all of our designs it was time for the Fashion Show!! All of our Barbie Extra dolls looked SO good in the clothes we designed for them.

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*