Olympic Runner Attempts US MARINE FITNESS TESTS

The United Stater Marines are TOUGH! It was an honor to visit Camp Pendleton and train with them for a day. In this video we attempted the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and the Combat Fitness Test (CTF). Normally these are done six months apart, we did them BACK TO BACK!

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38 thoughts on “Olympic Runner Attempts US MARINE FITNESS TESTS

  1. I served 4 years in the USMC Infantry as an
    0311 rifleman. Now I’m not trying to take anything away from the Marines in this video, they are all my brothers as well, but I’ve seen Marines run sub 18’s after drinking all night. I’ve seen a low 17’s runner light up a cigarette immediately after finishing the 3 mile run. I think we even had runners in the mid to upper 15’s range. Great video Nick, see if you could make it over to the infantry side of the base or even against recon or SS (scout sniper).

  2. the ammolifts the marine guy hes not doing it right.. Nick is going all the way down for perfect reps, the Marine is stopping at his chin not under it, so that doesnt count

  3. I can’t stand to watch people run long distances after one year my school made me run 800 meters when we were like 10-12 with bad training, like no training just pace yourself and don’t give up

  4. For my meritorious Sergeants board I was told the day before the event that I had to run a PFT and CFT back to back. It was no easy task. Ended up with a 298 and a 300 respectively. Props to you for giving this a go and doing so well with it.

  5. Not really fair on your side. These boys they are young and they are in their prime. Not to say that u are old, but someone in their late 30s arent going to be as strong as they are in their 20s.

  6. The entire thing is different when you change the clothing entirely as well. You seemed to be doing that in your usual workout gear, and the CFT is done in our usual work stuff. Hits a lot harder, different pinch points, and breathing. If you want rough, give that a run but either way. In NO fashion can I undermine how well you did. It was great to see you experience this and I am so glad you got to, and pushed as hard as you did.

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